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Faye Bridge
writes on September 16, 2015

Jeanne had a background in computer science and after 18 years of working on other people’s projects, she decided to dedicate time towards a project of her own. Something that she would enjoy creating and be proud of. Mobile development caught her interest, but she had no experience coding apps.

As a mother of two working full-time, Jeanne needed a learning resource that could fit into her daily routine. After searching through online courses and resources, she chose Treehouse and began learning Swift. Once Jeanne was more confident with her skills, she began working on a unique app idea.

The end result was My Fruits Now! a free app – available in the App Store – to help users discover local fruits and vegetables in season, wherever they are in the world. Today, Jeanne is still expanding her coding skills and enjoying improving her app and working on bringing other app ideas to life.

We caught up with Jeanne to hear more about her experience learning mobile development and releasing her first app into the App Store.

I’m a project manager with 18 years of experience in computer science. But after so many years working for companies, I felt the need to do something on my own. Just for me and the way I wanted to. I also wanted to create something useful, something I would be proud of.

The first step was to learn mobile development. As a mother of two children and working five days a week, I had no time for “traditional” courses in a classroom. I searched for online courses, and none seemed to be as attractive as Treehouse’s and the required English level was suitable for me.

I then used my down time at work and at home to learn Swift. During that time, and based on what I was learning, I started writing down all the iPhone apps ideas that came to mind. I then selected one and decided to start coding it. When I was stuck, I used the web to find solutions in forums. It was really great to use XCode and Swift. It wasn’t easy, but logical, and ergonomic.

The end result was my first app My Fruits Now! an app to help users discover local fruits and vegetables in season, wherever they are in the world. When I was done, I was so proud to see my first app on my own iPhone, and my name in the App Store. I felt like I was a movie star!

Of course, it’s only my first app, so I know it far from perfection. But we learn from our failures, and I’m now working on releasing a new version of the app. I don’t expect to earn a lot of money from my app, but I’m not particularly focused on that goal. Instead, I try to create original apps. But you never know, maybe in the future one of them will make me rich! In the meantime, I have fun coding apps and it’s a great activity in my free time.

Treehouse has allowed me to learn a new language, but more importantly, helped me believe I was able to build my own app! The courses are always structured with the goal of creating a real app – not just learning – and that is exactly what you achieve at the end of each course. The teachers are also always encouraging students and are available when you need to ask questions about their courses.

To new students, I’d say, take your time. Don’t feel ashamed of viewing the same course two or three times. Sometimes take a break for a day or two when it seems hard to understand. Let your brain take the time to assimilate all the new things you’ve just learned. And most of all, don’t lose courage when it seems difficult: there are always other people (teachers or students) ready to help you in the Community.

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  1. Great story! Congratulation for releasing your app!

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