Business ResourcesInterview with Chris Bennett at AfroTech

Ryan Carson
writes on December 13, 2018

While at AfroTech, we fired off a few questions to Chris Bennett, CEO and co-founder of Wonderschool – a company that makes it easy for individuals to create early-learning programs out of their homes. We asked him the question on everyone’s mind:

How do you make your company more inclusive?

“The big thing I think about is diversity across the entire spectrum. That includes your executive team, board and investors. Then I believe that will lead to attracting more diverse talent to your company.”

“The investors we choose are aligned with our interests when it comes to diversity and inclusion. We had to do a lot of sourcing to find our executives but once we did that other job candidates see and feel the diversity of Wonderschool and feel like its a safe environment for them.”

How can you source diverse talent for your exec team?

“Going to events like AfroTech can help. Then you can make big leaps with your executive team and investors. What happens is you get a diverse candidate as an investor or an executive and everyone talks to that person. Lots of people know them and look to them for guidance and mentorship and so over time, those people [who are talking to your investors] end up in your hiring pipeline. So doing something very active on the highest rung of the organization can create candidates for elsewhere in your business.”

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