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writes on May 11, 2011

There’s a ton of interesting things popping up in the news so I wanted to link them up for your reading pleasure …

  1. Admin-Free Chrome Frame Installs For IE
    Now you can reach new users who are stuck on IE6/7 (banks, big corporations, etc)
  2. PaaS for PHP
    Feeling left out by all the Rubyist deploying to Heroku with one command? Now PHP devs have the same option.
  3. BitCoin – A global digital currency
    The excitement (and skepticism) are growing around this interesting idea. Essentially it’s a unified global digital currency. You can already buy real-world things like coffee. No more exchange rates or central banks. Very compelling for those of us running web apps. I’m extremely fascinated by this concept. More info at bitcoin.org and weusecoins.com.
  4. YouTube announces movie rentals
    From the article … “From memorable hits and cult classics like CaddyshackGoodfellas,Scarface, and Taxi Driver to blockbuster new releases like InceptionThe King’s SpeechLittle FockersThe Green Hornet and Despicable Me. Movies are available to rent at industry standard pricing, and can be watched with your YouTube account on any computer.”
  5. Utilize Available Screen Space
    Jakob Nielsen’s May 9th Alertbox is an interesting read, discussing the efficient use of screen space on mobile devices.

One Response to “Important and Interesting Reads”

  1. 1. It’s funny that nowadays nobody believes in IE anymore.

    2. cool stuff, I will check it out.

    3. Bitcoin, I mean, I will love that happen in the future but i don’t know if countrys and money guys would love that in a free sense. Is a very zeitgeist (second part) idea at the end. great idea indeed, but I don’t know.

    4. I can’t use movie rental :(. you lucky bastards 🙂

    5. My problem with today smart phones is the f****** touch screen. I mean you need to design for fingers and the space they took when they are clicking something in the smart phone, interrupts the UX and I hate it. I like more the approach of the NGP project by sony entertainment, a back Touchpad technology that dont interrupts the UX with your fingers.

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