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Idea Week Day Two – Gettin' down and dirty

Carsonified headquarters was buzzing with activity today. We started off with Elliot presenting a rough wireframe and walking us through how the site will work.

After that we had a conversation about content and how we want to communicate the idea. Thankfully Lisa is a real master-of-words and she’s crafted some beautiful text for the site.

After that, Gill spent the whole day creating three prototypes – it was amazing creating a physical item, instead of pixels and vectors. Pretty refreshing.

During lunch we all ventured out to scavenge for materials for our items. Here’s a little teaser on what we’re making:

“You give hugs, you get hugs – but you can never keep hugs. Once you’ve enjoyed using your Hug for a while, we’d like you to pass it on to someone you love, admire or respect.”

Stay tuned …

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