LearnIdea Week Day Two – Gettin' down and dirty

Ryan Carson
writes on December 4, 2007

Carsonified headquarters was buzzing with activity today. We started off with Elliot presenting a rough wireframe and walking us through how the site will work.

After that we had a conversation about content and how we want to communicate the idea. Thankfully Lisa is a real master-of-words and she’s crafted some beautiful text for the site.

After that, Gill spent the whole day creating three prototypes – it was amazing creating a physical item, instead of pixels and vectors. Pretty refreshing.

During lunch we all ventured out to scavenge for materials for our items. Here’s a little teaser on what we’re making:

“You give hugs, you get hugs – but you can never keep hugs. Once you’ve enjoyed using your Hug for a while, we’d like you to pass it on to someone you love, admire or respect.”

Stay tuned …

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  1. Hey Jean-Baptiste,

    Great to hear from you! It was nice meeting you during the FOWA Road Trip.

    Have fun at Le Web 🙂


  2. It’s always refreshing and motivating to see how you manage things. Keeping creativity and happiness in a team is so important !

    Well, when I grow up, I want to be Carsonified 😉

    I’ve seen that you don’t come to LeWeb3 in Paris next week, that’s too bad, it would have been a real pleasure to show you the long road we’ve done since the FOWA Road Trip in Paris !

    See you,
    (and by the way if you would like to send a hug in France, it would be a pleasure to pass it !)


  3. J. Sperling Reich on December 4, 2007 at 7:47 pm said:

    I’m going to assume that you aren’t giving details as to what the product (application) is to keep everything secret before launch and can’t fault you for that. However, I was wondering if you have received any feedback concerning blogging about an application you can’t really talk about in detail? Do people get frustrated? Do they appreciate it? Do you (or anyone reading your blog) have any pointers for blogging about an unreleased application when you don’t want to spill the beans?

  4. I knew it, you’ve turned into hippies!! 😉

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