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writes on March 8, 2011

I haven’t talked to a single web developer who isn’t excited about what’s going on with HTML5. The process hasn’t always been perfect, but I think we can all agree that it’s felt far more transparent than the creation of any of the past HTML specs. That’s probably partly due just to the fact that in the past few years the web has become such a great place to collaborate with others.

Along with that wonderful transparency comes a version of the HTML5 spec that’s targeted specifically at web developers. All of the content that doesn’t really matter as much to developers and designers as it does to browser makers is edited out. It’s far cleaner reading when you need to figure out exactly why a particular tag or technology isn’t acting like you want it to, or even if you just want to figure out every single detail of what it means to work with HTML5. They even released the source on GitHub.

The project was spearheaded by Ben Schwarz, but an amazing list of people who are constantly giving so much of their time to make the web amazing were involved. Be sure to read their press release to learn more, and of course check out the spec.

3 Responses to “HTML5 Spec for Web Developers”

  1. “I haven’t talked to a single web developer who isn’t excited about what’s going on with HTML5.”
    How many did you talk to? IMHO, opinions differ a lot.

    That aside, this looks very readable. I especially like how semantic markup choices are explained.

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  3. thanks for bringing this new version of HTML5 into my knowledge ,i need some more information regarding this new version

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