Have you ever wanted to give a text field in Photoshop an unusual shape? In this Treehouse Quick Tip, Photoshop teacher Allison demonstrates how to bend and curve a text field into whatever shape you need!

Video Transcription

Allison: Hi. I’m Allison Grayce. In this Treehouse Quick Tip, we’re
going to learn how to manipulate Photoshop’s Text Containers to
take on a more unconventional shape, because sometimes, a simple
box just won’t do. We’ll achieve this using vector shapes, the
Pen, and Type tool.

I want to add some paragraph text to the left of this cupcake.
Instead of the paragraph text simply being in the shape of a
box, I’d like the right side of the text to curve along with the
cupcake. I’m going to go ahead and grab the Rectangle tool, and
draw out the size of the paragraph. Head on over to the Pen tool
and click, hold, and select the Add Anchor Point tool. We’re
going to add a few points on the path where we’d like the Text
Box to curve. It can be helpful to lower the opacity of the
rectangle as you’re doing this.

Using the Direct Selection tool by pressing ‘A’ on your
keyboard, or by navigating over to the toolbar and clicking and
holding, move the anchors to position them where the text box
should curve alongside the cupcake. Remember, you can grab the
handles on either side of the anchor to get more of a curve

Go ahead and select all of your text that you’d like to appear
in the text box. Select the Type tool, hover over the shape, and
when the cursor changes, go ahead and click. Notice how the text
box takes on the shape that we just manipulated. We’ll go ahead
and paste in our text and begin to style it appropriately. We’ll
go ahead and commit to our current edit here in the Options bar,
and we can delete the rectangle that we initially manipulated.
The right side of our text box now curves alongside the cupcake.
Now you have the freedom to manipulate the Type box to whatever
shape you want it to be.

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