LearnHow to Install WordPress in Five Minutes

zac teaching wordpress install

Zac Gordon
writes on June 4, 2014

If you want to publish your own blog then WordPress is one of the best platforms out there. In this video our WordPress teacher, Zac Gordon, walks you through the installation step-by-step on screen.

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10 Responses to “How to Install WordPress in Five Minutes”

  1. I’ve a blog as well, and I think I need to enhance the information I have on the website.
    Anyways, I needed to compliment you on your just blog.

  2. I feel really happy and so excited to go through such a nice post and as it goes on it takes us in deep n deep in the well of information.

  3. Hi zac, i really excited to your post. Now i gathered excellent tips for create a own blog then WordPress. Thank you for your tips.

  4. Nice video tutorial post…

    Many thank,
    Mesin Penetas Telur

  5. Hi Zac,

    Thank for this wonderful video tutorial post on WORDPRESS INSTALLATION. This article post will surely go along to help newbie who wants to install/setup wordpress blog.

    I have been around wordpress site/blog for quite some times but the point you highlighted in this video tutorial are really great.

    I never take note of SUB DIRECTORY & SUB DOMAIN WordPress installation setup until watching this video tutorial. Am really glad to Stumbled-upon this article post through Kingged.com, because it really adds to my previous wordpress knowledge.

    We also have to be very careful when choosing the web hosting to setup our wordpress site on.

    Thanks for sharing this and have a nice weekend

  6. yes, I like wordpress…

    Many thank
    ayam cemani

  7. As a blogger on the blogger platform I have given great interest to articles that borders on the wordpress platform as I want to know my way around the platform…

    I love the flexibilty and availability of pluggin for almost any function on the platform..

    The video is informative and easy to grab, having wordpress installed in five minutes is something I have no idea of but with this is something I can do and teach some other.. Thanks for sharing on kingged.com

  8. Simple and concise tips Zac! Good for any WP newb or vet who’s setting up a new blog and is forgetful lol…thanks!

  9. Zac Gordon,
    This video help to me understand the blogs creation in WordPress.

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