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writes on May 12, 2011

At Carsonfied, we like to make sure that our attendees are well looked after: great catering, coffee, water, places to recharge your laptop, fast free WIFI, extra hardlines and comfortable seating. But what about the things we can’t provide, your personal ‘survival kit’?

Coming to FOWD London? Below are a few suggestions of some helpful things to have to hand, ensuring that you get the most out of the event!

Business Cards
A bit of a cliche, but really – you’ll kick yourself if you forget to bring these. FOWD is all about getting connected and some people even get a snazzy new set designed especially for the conference. These should be at the top of your list!

Your Phone Charger
A dead phone can spell disaster at a conference, so we provide loads and loads of extra power supplies for our attendees. Remember to bring your charger along to keep topped up – and prepare to be incredibly popular with the people who forgot theirs!

A Notebook (the paper kind!)
You never know when inspiration will strike, where you’ll start wireframing with a complete stranger or when you’ll need to scribble a map for a friend to meet up with you later!

Your Laptop / Tablet
A laptop is by no means essential at our shows, but lots of people find bringing their
theirs handy. Make full use of our free WIFI catching up on important email during the breaks, or take notes during the sessions. There’s also a secure cloakroom if you get fed up of carrying it around…

Your Game Face
Bring it 🙂 Come well rested and ready for two or three days of intense learning and inspiration! We really pack the schedule out, and our speakers put huge effort into making each session amazing. People always start talking about how exhausted they are by the start of the last day, and we can only lay so much of the blame on the Attendee Party! Arrive at FOWD ready to give it your all.

With just a few days left until FOWD London, we hope you can join us! Grab a Day Pass (check out the different schedules for each conference day and choose your favourite) or head over for the whole event if your schedule allows – either way, we can’t wait to welcome you to London next week 🙂


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  1. Anonymous on May 12, 2011 at 1:05 pm said:

    Also buzzing…come see me!!

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