A bunch of keys and locks

[Update: Lot’s of amazing ideas in the comments. Thanks everyone!]

The recent Twittergate Scandal really emphasizes the need to make sure you’re using secure passwords. With that in mind, here’s how to create a great password.

The problem with secure passwords is that they’re impossible to remember, so here’s a handy method that Eric Meyer taught me.

Simply combine two words that you won’t forget, with a random number in between.

For example, choose your hometown (Example: Denver) and your last name (Wonka) and combine them by picking the first letter from ‘Denver’ and the first letter from ‘Wonka’, then the second letter from ‘Denver’ and the second letter from ‘Wonka’, and so on, like this:


Then throw a random number in between, like this:


Bam. You’ve got a totally secure, memorable password.

Forgot Your Password?

Another potential problem with using web apps for important company documents, is the ‘Forgot your password?’ functionality.

Often, web apps will ask you a question like “What is your mother’s maiden name?” which if answered correctly, will email a new password. If these answers can be easily guessed (or Googled) then you have a serious security breach waiting to happen.

Make sure your team hasn’t chosen password reminder questions that are easily discoverable and you’re on the road to being much more secure.

Please share any other security tips below in the comments. Thanks.

[Photo Credit: flickr.com/photos/cypherone]