LearnHow to Build a Web Start-up, Part 1

Ryan Carson
writes on January 24, 2008

I just finished my first episode of How to Build a Web Start-up, where I share tips for starting quickly and cheaply, and how to create your first cashflow spreadsheet.

11 Responses to “How to Build a Web Start-up, Part 1”

  1. Fat Vegan Bastard on February 9, 2008 at 2:24 pm said:

    Just wondering if there are any communities around that cater specifically to web start ups other than thinkvitamin?

  2. Good stuff, i never actually realised you guys were in Bath – small world!

  3. Nicely explained. Thank you very much for the knowledge.

  4. Thanks Ryan!
    The websites you list are very useful.

  5. As always a great resource for up-and-coming companies.

    Congrats on expanding by the way, hope to see you guys in Miami.

  6. Nice, wish someone had given me that when we started.

    I’ve published my startup cashflow spreadsheet on scribd. See angusbradley.com for a copy.

  7. great idea – looking forward to the next chapter!
    it’s good to see a focus on those little things that people forget, like bank charges and contingency on your expenses.

    good use of your blackwall too 😉

  8. Hey Phil,

    Thanks for the kind words. I’ll check into a clip mic. I appreciate the suggestion.


  9. Nice little episode and some really useful tips Ryan – I love this type of home-grown programme: pick a targeted subject and talk in real terms.

    Can I suggest that you invest in a clip-on mic? The improved sound quality would add so much more to the presentation, and I’m sure would give you more confidence when you hear the improvement it makes.

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