LearnHow to be honest: An interview with MailChimp UX lead Aarron Walter

writes on April 5, 2012

With our new show Future Insights Live less than a month away, we’ve been getting more and more excited about all the great content our speakers will be delivering.

Longtime Future of Web Design favourite, Aarron Walter (UX design lead at MailChimp) is presenting a keynote on “Honest Customer Relationships,” an approach to communicating with customers that weaves through nearly every activity of the business, including UX and social media platforms.

The purpose, according to Aarron, is to understand why communicating honestly with your customers (as opposed to, for example, BP’s superficial marketing effort before the catastrophe of the Deepwater Horizon spill) is so important, and how to get there.

“Companies that are scared to be honest, or that have a dark streak in them, are going to be forced to shift,” he says. “The right way to do this is with a great deal of honesty and sincerity — sharing your personality and humanity to create a connection with your audience.”

It’s a fascinating premise, and it’s about so much more than establishing a presence on Twitter!

For the full interview you can head on over to our FI Live Blog

(Thanks to Yoshi82 via Flickr for the image above!)

8 Responses to “How to be honest: An interview with MailChimp UX lead Aarron Walter”

  1. Honesty is such a crucial element in the virtual world also. It’s easy to lie in the internet. You can always do that without posing harm to yourself. However, hoensty is still a virtue. Whether in business online and offline, it has to be present. Otherwise, we’ll just create another chaos in an already chaotic place.

  2.  Well it is universal truth that honesty is the only way to be successful in the end, well the path could be difficult and long. on the other hand you could have ample of options that offer you shortcuts but at the end of the day honesty will take the lead. Very nice post man thanks for sharing.

  3. Honesty is the best policy 🙂

  4. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to get a Batchbook web form to trigger
    an auto-response in MailChimp. Contacts imported into Batchbook from
    their web form can’t be sent anywhere else automatically. 

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