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writes on January 4, 2011

Welcome back and happy 2011 to all Think Vitamin readers. I hope you all had a RESTful (first and only pun of the year I promise) holiday period and are raring to get back to what you love most, designing and building cool web stuff.

Unfortunately like so many others I have spent much of the festive period in a flu ridden haze. It’s amazing how much you miss when you are ill, you turn your head away from the screen for a few days and return to find out that Zeldman is buying Delicious or Yahoo or was it Google and that the whole web world has gone mad for another social network. It’s hard to keep up.

However I did manage to favourite a few tweets and star a few articles in my RSS reader. Here in no particular order are the stories, apps and sites that caught my eye over the last couple of weeks:

What did I miss? If you read something interesting over the break do let us know in the comments.

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