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writes on December 16, 2014

Our CEO, Ryan Carson, appeared on ‘The DC Executive Hangout’, a live weekly show to gain valuable insight from industry influencers. Hosted by Jared Gold and Jamilah Corbitt, Ryan talks about the history of Treehouse and where we are going in the future. Check out the interview below!


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One Response to “Ryan Talks About the History of Treehouse”

  1. Hey Ryan

    Good Interview. As a fellow pdx native and someone aspiring to be very skilled in Ruby on Rails, I found your site as a great jumping point. Granted I have not delved into the plethora of other languages because I think that is not a good use of time until you at least have a strong grasp over your primary language.

    My hope in 2015 is you can take the ruby and rails & Javasript lessons to the next level. I understand youre juggling a trillion different tracks and movements in tech, but these two areas dont seem to skirt beyond the basics right now (granted I need to check out the recent ember.js & node.js courses).

    Let me give you an example. I consider myself an intermediate coder at this stage in ruby, enough to get job offers, but I couldnt even pass the intro exam for the prestigious js school Hack Reactor. Now I dont think i’d even bother spending the money or time given how well your site is doing, but I do think there needs to be more help on concepts that are tricky like anonymous functions, lexical scoping, etc. In fact I remember discussing with David the JS teacher about my exam awhile ago.

    Hopefully I will have the time to visit your office soon. I am so impressed by your work and this post is no means an indictment. As a rubyist I would like to see more new content in 2015 instead of refreshing the basics courses. I understand why you’re doing this from a business level but the ruby learner in me has had to seek other websites after going through the track because so much of the later half of 2014 has been redoing courses that cover basics. Not an indictment or even a criticism, just an observation. Even so, I still love your site and would never think once of unsubscribing. I look forward to tackling swift in 2015, more advanced lessons with rails, and other surprising content.

    As to the topic of this video, I graduated from a top 25 school in usa in 2012 and couldnt find work in pdx, and this site gave me my life today, so I have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to your curriculum and not to mention enthusiastic community. The people are the secret sauce of this site!

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