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writes on May 1, 2015

Engineers are often chastised for valuing function over form. For example, if a button’s purpose is to show something new on the screen, why would someone want to spend time making the new item animate smoothly into position when she or he can simply just pop it into view?

Well, there are some very good reasons to use animation in apps. Number one: it looks cool! While that may not be a great reason in and of itself, animation used in the correct places can create a really engaging experience for users, which is key to an app’s success. When used correctly, animation can indicate how things are supposed to behave. As the Material Design specifications from Google elegantly state: “Motion design can effectively guide the user’s attention in ways that both inform and delight.”

The great news is that it is easier than ever to build these kinds of animations into your apps. We will cover animations in detail later this year at Treehouse, but until then I thought it would be helpful to share some of my favorite resources related to animation. Take a look, bookmark this page, and reply in the comments with your own links and examples!

Helpful Links

These blog posts and references can help you make sense of all the latest animations and transitions available in Android.

Bonus: Material Design Colors!

Helpful Repos

These GitHub repositories have some really useful libraries and examples that make it tremendously easy to add animations to an app.

ListViewAnimation examples

Retired Treehouse Videos

These two videos are from a retired course at Treehouse, but they still might prove valuable, so have a look if you need these specific types of animation.

  • FrameAnimation – Frame-based animation, like a flipbook or traditional cartoon.
  • AlphaAnimation – Animating the alpha (transparency) property of a View, i.e. making things disappear and reappear.

*LEGO hard drive image courtesy of William Warby under the Creative Commons License.

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  1. sagar nayak on August 16, 2016 at 4:28 am said:

    in the above post you have a picture. it contains some elements and they are changing shape with rotation . how do you do it ? it is frame animation or property animation ?

  2. Thanks for the article, this was very helpful!

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