LearnGoogle App Engine is the word on the street

writes on April 8, 2008

Everyone’s talking about Google’s freshly launched App Engine, a cloud service which will host your web apps as well as featuring a bunch of other features. Check out some of the coverage at techmeme.com

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  1. Vincent Callut on April 10, 2008 at 9:32 am said:

    I’m really excited (and a litlle bit afraid) by the Google App Engine.

    Excited because of the integration and the deployement on Google servers.

    Afraid for the same reasons. For now, Python is the only langage. I hope PHP will be added soon. It’s great to get a free scalable hosting but it will be impossible to migrate an app to another hosting company. And i’m not sure i want my apps stored at Google’s.

    One great thing about GAE is the datastore. You can create databases only with code BUT you can’t do joins between tables. So, i guess you’ll have to go around this by adding some code or working with big redondant tables.

    I can’t wait to test it when PHP will be available and i’m wondering if it will revolutionize the way web app are made. We’re living an historic day for sure. Everything Google touches becomes gold. So, you are warned.

  2. UNO!

    I wasn’t one of the first 10,000–but you can still download the SDK. Looks promising.

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