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Getting Connected at FOWD

At Carsonified, we go to great lengths to ensure that our conferences are jam-packed with great content and learning opportunities for our attendees. But we’d be lying if we said that we thought content was the be all and end all of the shows. The Future of Web Design is as much about the people you meet, the new connections you forge and the conversations you have over a couple of drinks at the attendee party. Projects are started, friends are made and exciting new ideas get floated – with 500 like-minded web folk descending on London for three days of brilliant networking.

It seems only right that we help to make finding these brand new contacts as easy and beneficial as possible for our attendees: we know it’s a big benefit of coming to our shows in person. So how do we go about making sure that you get connected at FOWD?

Speed Networking Sessions

Networking is an ugly, ugly word – conjuring up images of shuffling suits and clammy handshakes. At FOWD, we embrace the fact that it’s always going to feel slightly naff and dive in head first with our Speed Networking sessions! Using stickers to lay your cards on the table (“I’m looking to hire,” “I’m looking for a new job” etc) we cut to the chase: enabling you to meet people quickly and efficiently in the morning breaks. Swap cards and go into more detailed conversation later – speed networking helps you make the kind of fast, useful connections that you came to FOWD looking for 🙂

Our Famous Attendee Party

A few free drinks in a relaxed, informal atmosphere: the attendee party is so much more than the sum of its parts. We hold our party halfway through the conference, so that the connections you make there can be followed up at the show on the next day, and all those great ideas and conversations you had with complete strangers can be developed over the hangover-busting coffee we provide! At the party itself we keep the music low (nothing worse than having to shout when you’re meeting new people!) and choose our venue with networking specifically in mind: lots of comfy seating and a large bar to keep queues to a minimum.

Unofficial Meet Ups

For lots of people heading to FOWD from around the country (or increasingly, from across the pond) it’s the one time of year they get to hang out with a particular group of friends, designers and developers. People want to make the most of their time, and so unofficial evening meet ups tend to pop up all over the place. Let us know if you’re planning something and we’ll always be more than happy to retweet / help you promote your gathering!


Hopefully the points above have helped to explain some of the lengths we go to, to make sure FOWD is as valuable as possible to our attendees. If you can think of other ways that we can improve networking opportunities then we’re always open to suggestions! To grab your pass for the show, head here and register for your place. We can’t wait to welcome you to London in a little over a week’s time…


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