LearnFuture of Web Design Vimeo Competition Winner

writes on November 14, 2009

Thanks to everyone who took time to enter our Vimeo competition. We had a lot of fun watching the videos and seeing what you thought the Future of Web Design holds. After much deliberation, it was close, we all agreed that Tim Lum is the worthy winner of the free conference pass to next weeks Future of Web Design New York.

We would also like to give a special mention to Adam Soffer for his cool guitar and vocal entry.

Tim – please email keir[at]carsonified.com and I’ll let you know how you can collect your free conference pass. I hope you can make it.

The Video – The Future of Web Design is Creativity

Watch the video directly on Vimeo

0 Responses to “Future of Web Design Vimeo Competition Winner”

  1. hahaha. funny video.. Looking forward for your additional videos..thanks

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  8. this is most funny video I ever seen 🙂

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  10. Greta video a deserving winner

  11. Cool video Tim – well done for winning! Really liked some of the other submissions too, a great response.

  12. Every web designer has to be a good designer. If he/she is an illustrator, photographer, typographer, etc. that quality will be seen on the final result. Nice job!!

  13. Funny. Nice video published on Vimeo. I never saw such competitions on videos.

  14. funny video, everybody posts these days on vimeo

  15. Hi,
    Because webdesign is associated with technology, I believe there will be tools coming that will be able to build a creative and top of the line website with bells and whistles from scratch.
    Technology is good but then the people who’s gonna hit bad are the webdesigner because their job will be less in demand because of all the latest tools…


  16. Congrats Tim Lum…Good job!

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