This is the first post in a series called Fully Carsonified where Gill and I are going to give you a behind-the-scenes look at Carsonified and share some of the secrets that have gotten us to where we are today. We’ll be honest about our mistakes and generous with helpful ideas. It should be fun, so let’s get started!

Mult-colored image with each Carsonified Team Member on a different color background, hand drawn by Mike Kus

If you were born 200 years ago your route through life would be set almost on the day you were born. Statistically, if you were were born into poverty then that is where you would stay. If your parents were uneducated then the likelihood would be that that would be your fate too.

But you weren’t born 200 years ago, you were born in the later half of the twentieth century. Technology, prosperity and opportunity are words that you are familiar with. You’re wealthy (in world terms) and educated. Technology has leveled the playing field and now we all have the ability to control our futures.

What a fantastic opportunity!

Lots of people are choosing to control their own destiny. Look around you and you’ll see that the rules are changing. What were once thought to be the rocks of our society are tumbling and people are inventing newer, more nimble ways to take their place.

Take publishing for example. Not so long ago newspaper, magazine and book publishing was seen as the untouchable domain of rich media moguls. The little man could never leap that financial barrier into the publishing world and so it was left to the Conrad Blacks of this world to rule in this domain. Then desktop publishing came along and now coupled with the internet people can self-publish, magazines are sold as pdfs and sites like the Huffington Post have more readers than well-known newspapers.

The same thing has happened in many other industries; music, finance, insurance, advertising to name a few. We think that this suggests one thing – just because something has always been done a certain way, doesn’t mean that is the best way to do it in the future. There may be a sleeker, more agile way of doing something, you just need the guts to look for it and try it out.

There are a ton of other things that we believe too, like having fun, treating people with respect, doing things right, having integrity, working less and spending more time doing a variety of things that make you a more interesting person.

Measuring Success

Some people measure success by the amount of money they sold their start up for. Some people by the flashiness of their car, or the number of bedrooms their house has. We’re not interested in that. We’re interested in doing what we love and having fun doing it. That’s what we call success.

A successful day is when you have great ideas, you work towards making them a reality, you have some fun with your colleagues and you go home knowing you’re one step closer to your goal.

What is your goal? That’s the question you should be asking yourself. If you don’t know what your goal is then how do you know when you’ve reached it? It doesn’t matter if your goal is to have a 50-person company by the time you are 30, if you want to retire at 35 or if you want to sell your company for millions. It comes down to what you are content with. Everything is valid. The important thing is that you have a goal and you work towards it.

Who is the series for?

This series is for people who are passionate about something. If you wake up every morning and get really excited about a project that you’re planning to work on that day then this series is for you.

If you are an optimist, then this series is for you.

If you are a go-getter, stick-my-head-above the parapet it might get shot at but it can always -be-mended-type-of-guy, then this series is for you.

If you have trust in people and believe that integrity matters then this series is for you.

If you believe that businesses can make money AND provide an inspirational working environment, pride in their job and loyalty to a cause, then this series is for you.

If the above does not describe you then stop reading now – the following will only serve to irritate you.