LearnFree Video: HTML Inputs

writes on December 6, 2011

In this 10 minute video, you will learn the basics of the HTML input element, which allows for a variety of form elements.

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8 Responses to “Free Video: HTML Inputs”

  1. It sounds like you are trying to create anchor links, in which case it doesn’t matter where you put them on the page in the html.

  2. its a tutorial it doesn’t need to be in HD or big.

  3. Some reason why the video has to be so big? impossible to watch on my old laptop.

    • The videos are displayed at a 1:1 ratio. In other words, the pixels that are in the video are exactly the same size on your screen as they were when they were being recorded.

      If you fullscreen the video, it should resize it to be more suitable to your screen.

      • let me clarify my problem better….
        at the size the video is at now or in fullscreen mode my processor chokes trying to play it on my old laptop. the smaller the video the easier it is for firefox to render the video on my old laptop. downloading it would be the best, then i can watch it in vlc at any size with no problems.

        • that’s the same as blaming your DVD player that it can’t play Blu-ray, or saying a website sucks because it can’t render on IE6. time for an upgrade?

          • you buying?…. didn’t think so.

          • you are probably in the 1% of people whose device is too old for this video. the question is, should the 99% see a downgraded experience just so that 1% is kept happy? i think not. storing a video file and making it available for download would cost them a lot more bandwidth. is it cost-effective to just make one person happy?

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