LearnFive Interesting Links to Brighten Your Day

writes on July 13, 2009

We’ve rounded up five great links for you today. Topics range from Firefox plugins to CSS3. Enjoy!

  1. 3D CSS Visual Effects demo using pure HTML, WebKit’s 3D CSS Effects extensions and JavaScript
    An amazing demo that shows what’s possible with CSS3, HTML 5 and JavaScript.
  2. How to Measure the Health of your Business at a Glance
    A quick article by me on how to use a ‘Red Light – Green Light’ system in your business to measure performance.
  3. Download all your Google Docs at once
    “Users of the Google Docs web service can easily access and manage their documents in one location online. However, they still would like to be able to back up and archive their files on their own systems. Unfortunately that isn’t so easy and requires you to download backups of each document individually. The Google Download Script was written to help streamline this process in two different ways.” Warning: Command line knowledge required.
  4. Top 10 Wallpaper Tools & Tweaks
    Great article from Lifehacker: “A good wallpaper provides a pleasant backdrop to productivity. A great wallpaper changes your whole computer experience. See some of the best image sources, software, and usability tweaks we’ve come across and rolled up for your downloading pleasure.”
  5. Set Up “Push” Gmail on Your iPhone
    Want Blackberry like push notifications when you get email? This gem from Lifehacker that shows you how to setup ‘push’ Gmail on your iPhone 3.0 software.

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  1. great post! specially “How to Measure the Health of your Business at a Glance” link is very interesting

  2. Thanks for this very interesting share! I found the “download all Google docs” one especially useful, you rock thanks!

  3. Wow! very interesting I hope I can learn more on these links.

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