At Treehouse, we know coding is its own kind of learning. It’s undoubtedly rewarding and empowering, but at times can be challenging and frustrating. Over the years we’ve evolved our curriculum, teaching style and learning environment to offer the best possible tech education to support our students throughout their learning experience. But ultimately it’s our students who rise to the challenge, exceed expectations and accomplish incredible things.

Recently we spend time with a few of our inspiring students to hear more about their learning experience and achieving life-changing success. 

Meet Bryan, Kavitha and RJ.

Bryan Knight Became a UX Engineer

Bryan Knight

In 2014, Bryan was a father of five working as a lead concierge for a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip and making $43K as the sole provider for his family. He worked full time at his job but knew that he wanted a significant career change. Bryan was determined to find the balance between making a good living and being passionate about what he did.

Bryan started learning with Treehouse in his limited free time and 10 months later landed his first job as a UI/UX Engineer. 6 months after that he moved to a local startup where he now develops the UI for a daily fantasy sports application. The work is not only inspiring, it also came with a significant salary increase, which meant Bryan could move his family into their dream home. But for Bryan, it’s not about the money. He now gets paid to do something he’s passionate about, something that has changed both his life and those of his family.

You can watch Bryan’s story below or read his full interview.


Kavitha Prakash Became an iOS App Developer


Kavitha was a stay at home mother of three when she decided to rejoin the workforce. Although she’d been a finance analyst in the past, Kavitha decided to find a career that aligned with her fascination for technology. Inspired to create something tangible that her children could engage with, Kavitha joined Treehouse and began learning Swift. In less than four months, Kavitha mastered Swift, built and successfully deployed an educational app for children, Math Blast Off to the App Store. Since then, Kavitha has built and released a second app and is continuing to grow as a mobile developer.

You can watch Kavitha’s story below or read her full interview.


RJ McLain Became a Front End Developer


RJ McLain was a recent college graduate working as an accountant and hating every minute of it. When an experience at work sparked RJ’s interest in software and tech, he decided to learn to code. Treehouse was the learning resource RJ needed and before long he was diving into projects and preparing for a career in the tech industry. In contrast to the years before as an accountant struggling to land job interviews, RJs new resume and skills attracted dozens of recruiters and companies.

Today RJ has transitioned into an entirely new industry, worked with two of the fastest growing companies in Chicago as a front end developer, and is now part of the awesome team at Merge Design + Interactive, where he couldn’t be happier.

You can watch RJ’s feature below or read his full interview.

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