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writes on August 30, 2012

For most people trying to start a business, the daunting task is not implementing the actual idea –  for that they have enough energy and enthusiasm, but the laborious act of filing the necessary government paperwork to turn that idea into an actual entity capable of conducting business.

We all hate filing paperwork, even when it’s something as simple as for your driver’s license, and the additional burden of researching types of companies, states to incorporate and permits required for your specific industry make people put it off for as long as possible. Most people think of regulatory paperwork as archaic and a process involving dingy government offices and long lines, but as always, the web is your friend. There are quite a few services out there that help you, and all it takes is discovery. These websites not only make it more convenient to get your paperwork done, they cost far less than hiring a lawyer.

Filing Incorporation Paperwork

If you are looking to incorporate your company, there are quite a few services out there like  LegalZoom and BizFilings that can take care of you. These incorporation services allow you to select the type of company you want to create and then take you step by step through the incorporation process.

If you know you want to incorporate but don’t know how to start, both websites provide great resource centers with documentation outlining the types of companies, tax obligations and much more.

Obtaining Licenses and Permits

After you incorporate, you’re not done with paperwork just yet – you still have to get the proper permits and licenses to operate in your city. Look for services like License123 to help you always be in compliance (their tag line).

As stated on their website, License123 is a unique research service that helps businesses figure out which permits and licenses they need to comply with local, state and federal governments. While they don’t file the forms for you, they provide a very useful service – users can log into the website, select an industry within the city and state they operate in and are then provided with all the forms they need, the instructions for filling out those forms, and renewal dates. License123 helps business owners avoid fees they would incur by avoiding to file certain forms as well as those incurred by missing deadlines.

Government red tape is annoying, but at the end of the day its something you cannot avoid.  Filing forms and permits properly and early on can help your business avoid significant fines and hassles. So embrace the tools available at your disposal and overcome all the obstacles you need to start your business!


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