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writes on January 13, 2010

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Ryan pointed out a nice little feature of Google Webmaster Tools recently and I thought it worth sharing.

Hidden away under the labs tab is a feature called “Fetch as Googlebot”. With “Fetch as Googlebot” you are able to see exactly how a page appears to Google when it’s crawled. Here’s the results for carsonified.com/blog. Click the image below to see it full size.

Why is this useful?

  • It allows you to troubleshoot a page’s poor performance in search results. For example it will identify content that can’t be crawled by Google.
  • It can help identify if your site has been hacked with malicious and undesired content
  • It identifies he HTTP response returned by your server
  • It highlights the HTML code as seen by Google. Useful if you use a lot of generated content in the page.

Other useful tools

As well as “Fetch as Googlebot” Webmaster Tools has a number of useful options including:

  • Sitemap submission
  • Facility to edit your sitelinks (links that appear beneath the pages search result in Google)
  • Help with reindexing your site if you move it to a new domain
  • Top search queries, keywords and subscriber stats
  • Help with robots.txt files
  • Crawler stats

You can find more out about Webmaster Tools on the Google web site.


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11 Responses to “Fetch as Googlebot”

  1. Great advice on SEO, always looking for ways to improve my SEO skills. Than you

  2. thanks for the helpful info. I’m fairly new to the SEO subject, but I would think knowing what content Google wouldn’t crawl would be very beneficial to me. Thanks again


  3. I just can’t figure out how this tool is useful? Isn’t it just the same as viewing the source code of your page with the addition of a few headers? People seem to be really excited about this tool. What am I missing?

  4. Any tool that will help a marketers seo on his web-site is OK by me. Thanks for posting this… I will try it out for myself

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  6. I wanna try this tips. For getting an information about SEO.

  7. Good! I’ll spread the word at Pixmac… thank you!

  8. I’m always looking to improve my SEO knowledge as there’s so much competition, I need to keep ahead where ever I can. So thanks for the information. I’ll see if I can put this to good use.

  9. I will try that google option, thanx for pointing it out!

  10. Nice & creative mind can developed such blog are really appreciate with u.
    Thanks for this blog.

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