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writes on October 16, 2007

Thomas Vander Wal has some great observations on the Facebook vs. LinkedIn for business networking issue. I tend not to mix FB with work, but some Carsonites do… what about you?

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  1. I used Facebook primarily for non-work related things (though that won’t be the case when we launch an application using the Facebook platform next year), with LinkedIn for most work-related things.

    It’d be nice to have them all interoperate!

  2. I’m too many things now for any one networking site: web developer, open source volunteer, musician, youth soccer coach, and so on. Many of these things are loosely coupled but not really connected – so there’s this clumsy conundrum to deal with 😉

    I try to keep Linked In and Facebook identities separate, but one way or the other the same folks end up finding me on both. It’s hard telling a friend “hey man, don’t link in to me, that’s for work.”

    Then there’s all the others, like corkd.com and meetup.com. How can one keep up?

  3. Carson? I meant Ryan 😉 Need more coffee… I’m too brusque this morning…


  4. We, and our Clients, are very interested in the influence social networking is having on Web interaction design and also the implications of this socialization on brands and their positioning online.

    My company, Pemaquid Communications, has created several Facebook apps and Clients are eagerly lining up to have us do more.

    I use both Facebook and LinkedIn, and IMHO Facebook is a better tool, hands down. The user interface is clean and easy to get around in, and the apps and photos make it lively and yes, fun. LinkedIn is something only an HR professional or a job-seeker could love.

    As you may know, Carson, Facebook has designs on eating LinkedIn’s lunch:

  5. I think it depends on the type of business you’re in.

    If you’re playing near the edges (web 2.0, etc) people don’t seem to care how they get connected. As one moves towards more traditional business LinkedIn is probably more appropriate.

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