LearnEpisode #32: Sass & LESS, the new CSS?


writes on August 26, 2011

This week we are joined by Greg who talks us through the basics of Sass, Compass and LESS and explains how how he uses them in his front end development projects.

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13 Responses to “Episode #32: Sass & LESS, the new CSS?”

  1. The link to download the mp3 isn’t working for me

  2. Anonymous on September 2, 2011 at 12:08 pm said:

    Such an wonderful topic for me.I read this article and agree with this article.

  3. Great show Keir! Just sad we weren’t mentioned in the show 🙁 Would be awesome for you link out to The Sass Way (http://thesassway.com). We cover the latest in Sass and Compass and we’re releasing beginner, advanced and intermediate guides for those who want to lean more about Sass.

  4. Hcatlin on August 30, 2011 at 1:38 am said:

    It’s actually Sass not SASS. 😉 But, thanks for the interesting podcast!

  5.  Without more context it’s hard to say what’s going on, but I believe you’ve run into one of the short comings of tables.http://rippedmusclex.net

  6. You old folks with your LESS and SASS are so funny.

    Stylus CSS is the new black.

    • You must not have heard about StyLESS then 🙂

      I’m aware of Stylus (http://thechangelog.com/post/3036532096/stylus-expressive-robust-feature-rich-css-language), just not sure that one more version of pre-processing CSS is that needed. I’d prefer to see all these minds collaborate on the problem vs create some sort of competition between which project compiles to CSS the best. In the end, it’s really all about “the CSS authoring experience” not so much about the tool you use to do it. Though, I am a bit biased to lean towards doing it the Sass way.

      • It’s not so much “Which compiles to the best” as “Which best gets the job done?”  Less and Stylus have the same underlying toolkit of mixins, functions, and native tools, such as the color math kit.  I use Less professionally because that’s what the people I work for understand, but I use Stylus for the same reason I use Coffeescript and HAML– whitespace makes code readable, and enforced whitespace enforces readability.  Whitespace as semantics reduces errors and increases maintainability, and given that I am not perfect, I will use every tool I have to get things right the first time.

        • So, what’s your argument? Sass was first on the scene and has lead the way with the whitespace aware syntax in this CSS-pre-processing world.

          What’s your point? (said very nicely as to not lead folks to believe that I’m giving an attitude)

          In the end, there will be a line. On one side, the people that prefer a new syntax that’s foreign to CSS and on the other side those that prefer to stay closer to vanilla CSS. You can’t win them all. All we can do is grant support to both sides of the line and not make it an argument about syntax and semantics and instead argue over standards, progress and better CSS authoring tools.

          All (Sass, LESS and Stylus) are doing just that.

  7. I’m going to check out SASS. Thnx guys!

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