LearnEpisode #30: The Ideas Edition

writes on July 28, 2011

This week we round up a few useful links and chat about ideas. When do you know an idea is a good one, not fearing failure, making the move from client work to products, pricing and much more are covered in this weeks 40 minute show.

Links from the Show

[audio:http://thinkvitaminradio.buzzsprout.com/237/28920-episode-30-the-ideas-edition.mp3|titles=Think Vitamin Radio: Episode #30|width=100%]

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7 Responses to “Episode #30: The Ideas Edition”

  1. Great show guys. Anyone who found it interesting might also find inspiration from a new book we’ve been involved with  — ‘You are the map maker’ ~ Creative business stories to inspire by Bernadette Jiwa.It features contributions from entrepreneurs like Chris Guillebeau and Derek Sivers (who you mention in the show) and from designers like David Airey and Jessica Hische. It also gorgeous and free to download as PDF.You Are The Map Maker — http://www.youarethemapmaker.com/

  2. good idea, needs a good team work for success of any idea.

  3. Anonymous on August 1, 2011 at 11:26 am said:

    Keep up the good work guys 🙂 CP1

  4. but it doesn’t have all of the answers, so if anyone does know of a link to the answers for the 3rd edition, then can you please helpthank youhttp://hcgactivator.net/

  5. Just now listening… the discussion about “useful life” and being able to execute seven (or more!) ideas in our lifetimes; I think the rush to execute a _BIG_ idea is simply a goal to become accomplished earlier in life, so as to build on that success, or be able to ride said success for years to come.

  6.  This week i read this edition and i am very effective to the this edition.

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