LearnEasy Gallery Manager

writes on January 5, 2011

Neat looking WordPress plugin for generating jQuery powered slideshows in your posts.

4 Responses to “Easy Gallery Manager”

  1. @Dalton,

    so I will testride your plugin

    I can imagine it is not nice to get copied / ripped by untalented people ;=(

  2. Hmmm… this person seems to have borrowed whole sections of my slideshow plugin code without attribution. Nice!


  3. This is a buggy plugin, because it uploads images to the mediatheque and when you delete the slideshow containing that image, the image will be deleted as well, even when the image is used in other posts as well

    if you enable the slideshow to “add automatically in content”, it is not only added in the post where you want to use it and enabled it, but also in the next posting in list-view (in detail-view it is ok)

    I think you did not test enough before you recommended that plugin. It is not easy, it is buggy.

  4. I had looked such a blog information in also other website but I’ll say you have some important knowledge.

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