LearnDoctype: jQTouch and Mobile Design

writes on January 19, 2010

In this week’s 7 minute episode of Doctype Jim covers jQTouch, a plugin for jQuery that enables quick iPhone websites, and Nick talks about how to design for the small screen.

Think Vitamin will be bringing you two further episodes of Doctype so be sure to check back next Tuesday for the next installment.

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  1. Hi!
    I’ve been trying the jQTouch but for the life of me I cannot get even the simplest thing to show on screen.
    I’m on widows vista – I tried IE 8, Firefox, Safari and even the iphone (Posted my code to a web server)
    I have my index.html file in the same folder as the jqtouch folders . All I get is the title and a black page. When I view source – its in there. When I look at firebug, it seems its found all the references to the js and css file.
    Please help

    Here’s the code.

    @import “jqtouch/jqtouch.css”;
    @import “themes/jqt/theme.css”;

    statusBar: ‘black’


  2. Thanks for the video. We are just about to start developing some iphone web apps – I’m sure jqtouch will come in useful!


  3. I loved this episode of Doctype, it inspired me to write a blog comparing iUI and jQTouch. Can’t wait to use jQTouch in future projects!


  4. Nice and Short Video! Embedded in my blog for my readers 🙂
    Thanks Guys.

  5. I’ve tried this javascript a few times now. and it works actually pretty good! Great video!

  6. This looks really interesting. I’d be interested to know people’s experience of working with it and the results they get? Needs to be quick and responsive and ‘feel’ like an app rather than simply mimicking the funbctionality.

    I’ll certainly be having a play and will report back how I get on!

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