In this Treehouse Quick Tip, WordPress teacher Zac walks you through how to create and display a static homepage on your WordPress site. This can be especially helpful if you’re using WordPress as a content management system.

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Video Transcription

Hi. I’m Zac. In this Treehouse Quick Tip, we’re going to look at how to
change the homepage on your WordPress blog from displaying the latest block
posts to displaying a static homepage instead. This is really helpful when
you’re using WordPress more as a content management system than just a
blogging platform.

Before we get started, we’re going to need to create two pages, one that
will serve as our homepage, and the other that will serve as the page where
all of our blog articles are listed.

Let’s start off by going to Pages, Add New, and creating a page called
“Home.” We’re going to paste in some dummy content for now, but you could
always go back and add content that makes sense for your site.

We’ll also add in one image, load it off to the right, and put that into
the post.

Now that we have our homepage, we’ll go back and we’ll add the page that
will serve as the homepage for our blog posts. Call this “Blog” and you
could leave the main content empty because WordPress will automatically
replace this with our most recent posts. Now go ahead and click Publish.

Now that we have both of our pages created, we’re going to go under
Appearance, Themes, and then customize our theme. Depending on what theme
you have selected, you may see different options on the side menu here.
However, all of them should have a section that says Static Front Page. Go
ahead and click on that.

You can see that it’s set to have our latest posts on the homepage, which
is what it’s currently doing. However, we want to switch this to a static
page. Go ahead and click on Static Page, and then you’re presented with two
options here: One that asks you what you want your front page to be, and
the other that asks where you want your post page to be.

For front page, go ahead and select Home. You can see that it dynamically
repopulates the homepage to show the new page we created. For the post
page, go ahead and select Blog.

Once this is done, click Save and Publish. We can now see that if we go to
the homepage, we see this content here, and if we click on Blog, then we
see all of our blog posts.

So there you have it, a very simple step to change your site from having
all of your blog posts on the homepage to having a static homepage.

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