LearnData Binding Techniques

Jason Seifer
writes on July 1, 2014

It’s Tuesday which means that the Treehouse Show is back! In episode 97 of The Treehouse Show, Nick and Jason (@jseifer) talk about data-binding techniques, CSS Techniques, Zepto.js, and more.

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  1. Oliver on July 8, 2014 at 7:35 am said:

    So, Foundation stoppt working with Zepto.js and got back to jQuery because it is not only a question of how large the library is and no word of this?

    “But over time we found that lighter file size did not translate into better performance overall. Sure, Zepto downloaded quickly. But once loaded, it wasn’t quite as fast as jQuery. It didn’t help that many third-party plugins required jQuery, not Zepto — in fact, we found that some third party JavaScripts conflicted outright with Zepto.”

    “But we assumed Zepto would be faster than jQuery. We didn’t want to make the same assumption twice, so we tested Zepto vs. jQuery 2. The result: jQuery 2 has more operations per second. That gives Foundation 5 better performance, which translates to better experience for all users.”

    from: http://zurb.com/article/1293/why-we-dropped-zepto

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