LearnDaniel Burka video on iterative design live

writes on May 13, 2008

Daniel Burka – Digg’s creative director, Pownce.com and Silver Orange co-founder – recently gave an impressive talk on iterative design at the Future of Web Design. You can watch the video here and see the presentation slides here.

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  1. Очень интересная точка зрения

  2. Witam,
    dziÄki za informacje zawarte w Waszych artykuÅ‚ach ,zawsze czegos nowego sie u Was dowiem -wielkie dziÄki

  3. Думаю всем понравится.

  4. Mahmoud on May 31, 2008 at 2:46 pm said:

    Don’t you guys think its a good idea to start using omnisio for uploading video and slides. Its just hard to follow when watching a video of a presenter with no idea what he/she is pointing to on a slide. It was great checking out startup school 08 on there.

  5. I thought Daniel’s talk was one of the stand outs of the event. Even though he was talking about web design, the principles apply to software development as a whole. Rapid Iteration, Extensibility, Refactoring. They sounds extremely like some of the key tenets of agile development I’ve been pushing for a while.

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