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writes on January 10, 2007

We just bought a Dyson vacuum.

For those of you who don’t know, Dyson makes the world’s best vacuum cleaners (or “hoovers” as my British wife would say :D).


Why did we choose Dyson? Because we knew that their vacuums never lose their suction. So we ordered one and to my delight, it arrived today (sad, I know).

I was already sold on how great their vacuums are so I certainly didn’t need any more convincing when the box arrived. But here’s how Dyson has converted me into an excited and devoted customer: they kept telling me how great their product was after I paid for it.

The box is literally covered with pictures, diagrams and words proving how great the product is! Here’s are a couple examples:

This one demonstrates how easy it is to use on stairs and also shows how you can easily attach the tools (so they don’t get lost).


The image below shows how you can carry it up the stairs without tripping over the cords and hoses. It also shows how easy it is to store.


The photo below shows three great advantages to the vacuum (helps allergy sufferers, costs less to run and, guaranteed for two years).


The photo below reminds you that not having to buy filters (a key benefit to the vacuum) will save you money.


I’m hooked

I was already convinced that Dyson made a great vacuum, but after the purchase is when Dyson converted me into a fanatical customer.

I think this lesson can be applied to almost any business. Take time to remind your customers why your service or product kicks ass after they buy it. It will turn your loyal customers into die-hard fantatics.


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  4. Who in the World would buy a vacuum that is bagless? Do you know where all that dust and tiny particles go once you open the container to empty what you just vacuumed up? That’s right, it gets poofed up into the air and back down on the ground.

    Why not spend the extra 200 bucks or so and get a Kirby. You can buy one on Ebay for about 200 or so more dollars and get a vacuum that is barnone the best out there. Bagless??? LOL….wow, you guys are suckers. Sorry, no pun intended.

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  21. Good point Nic Hughes. I think the assumption was people didn’t want to see the dirty stuff picked up by the vacuum cleaner. Dyson flipped this on its head and made it into a usability feature, making it easy to track how much is in the collector.

    And I think, exposing some of the mechanics makes the user feel more knowledgeable about the product and thus they feel more involved with the brand. Dyson products are so innovative and the company has an inspirational vigour.

  22. The thing that really impressed us when we bought one was the lack of that typical vacuum cleaner smell you get after cleaning. Then again, maybe we’re easily impressed 🙂

  23. Well! Vacuum, hoover, whatever!

    Can’t wait to get my hand on a Kätcher Automated Bot vacuum cleaner. And leave it to the bot to do all the leg work. WHo’s got the time to go around the house vacuuming nowadays, let the bugger do it while you are not at home.

    Better use of time and money.

  24. From a marketing perspective the smartest thing Dyson ever did was make the dust-collector transparent. So many people bought a new Dyson, used it and then were amazed to see how much dust they had from what they thought were clean floors. Every one of those people became an evangelist for the product amongst their friends.
    What looked like a minor usability tweak at first glance turned out to be a powerful viral marketing tool.

  25. A good titbit of advice. I’ll use it tomorrow when I see my client. Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I reminded him of how good the service is that I provide him with.

  26. allen stern on January 13, 2007 at 8:42 pm said:

    Ryan – what issue did you have – it didn’t say in your original post.

    btw – which model did you purchase?

  27. Ryan Carson on January 13, 2007 at 12:42 am said:

    No product is perfect. It’s how Dyson handled things when a problem arose that means I’ll be replacing this one with another Dyson when the time comes.

    Hey Drew – thanks for stopping by 🙂

    Your story is a perfect example of how quality customer service can create passionate users. Thanks for sharing!

  28. We have a very similar model, and yes, it looses suction pretty quickly as the chamber gets full. Emptying the thing is a pretty unpleasant experience as a lot of the dust then kicks back up at you. I can usually do two flights of stairs before it gets full.

    But it’s still the best vacuum cleaner I’ve ever used, so I’m more than happy.

    For me, the real affirmation was when I had to call their customer service line. I was cleaning around the edge of our living room skirting (this isn’t a glamorous tale) one evening, when I caught a loose plastic bag with the end of the ‘wand’. The sudden blockage caused the telescopic wand to collapse down with a big BANG, sending plastic pieces flying off in all directions. The wand had more or less self-destructed, and I had nearly wet myself in the process with the shock 🙂

    I figured this was the perfect time to try out that helpline number that’s printed on the side of the vac. Now, this was 8pm on a public holiday. I was thinking I could phone up to listen to the message to see when they might be open … but they were open! At night! On a public holiday! Awesome.

    I explained what had happened, really just expecting to be told that it was my fault for not having the want properly extended or something, but they first thing they asked was if I was ok and not injured in any way. And not in a better-cover-our-arses way, but like they were genuinely concerned that I wasn’t hurt. They then took the serial number of the vac, took down my contact details and said they’d despatch a replacement part the next morning. Sure enough, next day I got an email confirming that the parts had been sent. Arrived the next day. No questions asked.

    No product is perfect. It’s how Dyson handled things when a problem arose that means I’ll be replacing this one with another Dyson when the time comes.

  29. Definately a good purchase Ryan. Had ours for 8 months now no problems. Allen is right the box very much reminded me of Apple and unpacking my Macbook Pro.

    Attention to detail, thoughtful design I like to think of it as a lads hoover (yes i’m british we always call it a hoover!). We have even talked about its design and function down the pub.

    Oh and they have a great Flash game on their website: http://www.dyson.co.uk/game/

  30. I’ve been thinking about getting one of these for the house because our current one is old and mostly crap. However, we have hardwood floors. Think the Dyson works well on hard floors? We’re just using way too many Swiffers to keep it clean.

  31. Dyson is the Apple of vacuums. The concern to me has always been the price. I think when you stand in a store looking at them, the average consumer says “i could buy 3 hoovers for this”

  32. I think they put those nice pictures on it because those boxes are seen in many stores. So it is importan to have good explanations on the box because often you do not have somebody in the store to help and convince you.

  33. Does it “lose suction” or does it just keep on sucking for ever?

    Julian! Haven’t you seen the TV ads, it ‘never loses suction, not ever, not a sausage’.

  34. Dude…are things a bit quite round your way???


  35. Hi Ryan! Yes – unpacking our Dyson was the first time myself and my dad took any interest in a ‘hoover’ (or a ‘Dyson’ as J.Dyson wants us to call it!). It was like unpacking a great work of design art, like unpacking lego, fantastic.

  36. I hope you like the Dyson. What happens when the Dyson gets full? Does it “lose suction” or does it just keep on sucking for ever?

    Also, I hope you enjoy emptying out all the loose dust, fluff and muck. What will you do, empty it into a bag? Well, I have a vacuum cleaner that sucks the dust straight into a bag, which I then put cleanly into the bin. What a brilliant invention!

  37. Ryan Carson on January 11, 2007 at 6:53 am said:

    So even though the packaging points out that it is all kinds of awesome, it is the fact that it delivers on it’s promises is the humdinger. Deliver on your promises and your jaded and pessimistic customers will be surprised and become huge fans.

    Good point Mark. Making the actual product exceed expectations is the most powerful way to create passionate users.

  38. I don’t think they sell that model stateside yet, but they do have a revised edition of the Dyson autobiography. The best book about vacuum cleaners you’re likely to read, ever.

  39. I agree with Mark. The extra stuff on the box really isn’t adding much to the fact that its a solid vacuum cleaner.

    For instance, when Microsoft blasts you with features and reminders about how awesome their products are, do you feel the same type of joy?

  40. I have a Dyson as well. And yeah, it really is awesome. But I have to say that the packaging, as evangelistic as it is, isn’t the reason I became a die-hard fanatic. I was excited about the vacuum and all but had my doubts about all the hullabaloo about them. The fact that it works BETTER than I had expected and was ingenious in it’s usability and design decisions (the cord is crazy long, but never gets tangled, the extension handle is super long too, etc.) is what made me a loyal customer. So even though the packaging points out that it is all kinds of awesome, it is the fact that it delivers on it’s promises is the humdinger. Deliver on your promises and your jaded and pessimistic customers will be surprised and become huge fans.

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