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Faye Bridge
writes on April 28, 2016

If you’re new to coding, you’re in for an exciting learning adventure. What may seem overwhelming at the start, will soon be familiar, exciting and even motivating. However, to accompany the highs, there will be a few lows. You’ll likely encounter moments of frustration and perhaps (common to new programmers) a spell of imposter syndrome. But rest assured that you’re not alone! Provided you’re determined and dedicated, you’ll excel at building your skills and confidence.

With Treehouse, curated Tracks guide students from complete beginner content through to advanced, but beyond our curriculum there is additional valuable advice that can help you along the way. We asked a selection of awesome Treehouse students who started as beginners and are now full-time developers, designers (and more) to share their wisdom with students who are just starting out.


What advice would you share with new students who are learning to code?


With his new coding skills, Matthew Krey transitioned careers from pharmaceuticals to junior software developer. Read his full-length interview with Treehouse here.

In only 9 months of learning to code, Malina Tran transformed from novice to professional developer. Read her full-length interview with Treehouse here.

Ashley Harpp learned to code and changed career path from a currency consultant to front end developer. Read her full-length interview with Treehouse here.

In less than a year, Alexander Zito-Wolf learned the skills he needed to leave his job as a sales rep to become a full-time web developer. Read his full-length interview with Treehouse here.

Melanie Pellegrino went from owning a bakery to traveling the world with her family as a freelance web designer. Read her full-length interview with Treehouse here.

Justin Estrada gained the skills and confidence he needed to quit his job as a waiter and excel as a full-time front end developer. Read his full-length interview with Treehouse here.

Based on your learning experience, what top tips would you share?

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