Community#CodingWisdom: Don’t Stop. Keep Going.

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Faye Bridge
writes on April 24, 2017

Whether you’re just starting to learn the basics or advancing your coding skills, it’s likely that you’ve experienced overwhelming moments of frustration when learning to code. It may come from trying to get your head around a new concept, fix a bug, or tirelessly searching for a missing semicolon in your code. Regardless, feeling stuck is a common issue for beginners and expert programmers alike.

When we have the opportunity to speak to our students about their experience learning to code, we often ask what advice they’d share with other aspiring developers. Although our students have different learning goals, they encounter similar challenges and there is one piece of advice we hear time and time again. Don’t stop. Keep going.

We asked three Treehouse students to expand on why that’s the most valuable and important piece of advice you can take on as a beginner learning to code.

“Don’t stop. What you are attempting to learn may feel overwhelming at times but try to learn in chunks at a time. Make sure you understand and apply whatever concepts you are working on before moving on.” – Brian Polonia

After 10 years of working as a professional hairstylist, Brian Polonia decided to make a big career change. After applying himself to learning to code and working incredibly hard at it, Brian is now a Python QA engineer. The most valuable piece of advice he has.

“Always keep going. There may be things you don’t understand, but if the tutorials don’t answer your questions the community can definitely help. Perseverance is the key to success.” – Sam Glister

Sam Glister was working as a data administrator when he began learning to code. Now he’s a full-time web designer and developer. Getting to where he is today wasn’t easy, but by persevering, using every spare moment he had to learn, and not giving up, he was able to achieve all he wanted to and more.

“Don’t think that you can’t learn to code. Anyone can. Appreciate the small beginnings and celebrate the small successes and accomplishments that you achieve while on your journey learning to code.” – Ellis Woods III

Ellis Woods III has been learning with Treehouse for years to continually expand his coding skills. Today he’s a programmer and technologist, which gives him the freedom to have fun and solve problems at the same time. He’s also found the skills he’s learned can be applied to any area in life. Not just coding.

So next time you feel frustrated with your code and want to stop, give yourself a break but always come back to it. Don’t give up and it’ll pay off. Whether it’s through the satisfaction when you fix a bug, the winning feeling when you feel comfortable with a new language, or the accomplishment of being able to help another developer with their code, you’ll be rewarded.

Now it’s your turn to share! What advice would you share based on your experience learning to code?

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#CodingWisdom: When You Want to Quit


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5 Responses to “#CodingWisdom: Don’t Stop. Keep Going.”

  1. I’d also add that you shouldn’t compare the speed at which you learn a skill or skills to that of other people. I began to learn to code about 4 years ago and yes it was a struggle at times. I’ve been fortunate to be employed as a developer for the past two years and I can assure you that I have not yet had to race a co- worker to project completion.

    I’ve learned a lot but one of the most important things was learning to be okay with not knowing. Just about every new project I get involves doing something I have no clue how to do. I now know I can figure it out though.

    Be kind to yourself and learn at the pace that works for you. You WILL get there and then there will be more learning to do. Always.

  2. well that was so inspiring, when it comes to coding sometimes it might seem like you going nowhere but i tell you 1day you gonna sit infront of your computer and be surprized with the things you will be capable to keep on gping never give up.

  3. Thank you so much for your great post. I am advanced programmer and I studied one year in treehouse too, Unfortunately I quit programming for long time not because stuck in a problem or a bug because I felling foolish and helplessness when I saw some developer portfolio, their good job which was much better than me and I always told myself “I cant be good as them, they are very professional, you never cant be one of them and etc”. This was like a shadow that surrounded my mind and beaten me.

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