LearnChrome now runs background apps

writes on March 2, 2011

Google Chrome has just released a killer new feature: Background Apps.

This allows web apps to do two things:

  1. Push Growl-like notifications. An example of this is new mail and chat notifications in Gmail.
  2. Pre-render content in the background for instant viewing.

Here’s an example app to check out.

8 Responses to “Chrome now runs background apps”

  1. please please somebody use this for gmail so we don’t have to wait for load time. Please? [oh and google calendar too]

  2. Very cool. The more fun and useful stuff Google adds to Chrome, the more I’m leaning toward using it as my default browser over Firefox. Anyone else feel the same way lately?

  3. Ryan: I believe you have a typo: “Push Gowl-like notifications” should be “Push Growl-like notifications”.

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