LearnDropSend Acquisition – Complete!

Ryan Carson
writes on September 18, 2008

I’m very excited to announce the acquisition of DropSend, our web app for sending large files.

How much?

Can’t say, I’m afraid. One thing I’ve learned about acquisitions is that you can’t go blabbing about all the figures. It’s really against my nature to be secretive with numbers, but sometimes you just need to. However, needless to say, we’re very happy about the whole situation.

What’s next?

DropSend really needed a new home. A company that had the time to look after it properly: market it, improve it and fix small bugs. I couldn’t be happier and I’m excited to see it grow. I’m going to write another post about everything we’ve learned about selling a web app – all the pitfalls, struggles and lessons learned. It should be quite helpful for anyone out there thinking about putting their app on the chopping block.

(CC Chapman, thanks for the photo.)

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  1. between this and working with techcrunch.. you should be expecting some jealousy. I think your doing a great job! good business is good business

  2. Congratulations, sometimes its time to focus on your core elements and let someone else carry on the momentum of something you care about still, but havent got the time to support. So well done and see you all in a few weeks..

  3. Congratulations Ryan & Co!

  4. Max Shanly on September 20, 2008 at 8:02 am said:

    I take it that the first beer is on you then Ryan!?


  5. Brilliant news Ryan – really pleased for you and the team. Nice one.

  6. Congrats Ryan and team! Keep up the awesome work!

  7. Congratulations! I was waiting for this post after I saw your twitter update a while back.

  8. @Ryan: Apologies – cursory glances and quick-to-judge comments make me look like an idiot!

  9. @Anthony – Webminds isn’t ‘crapware’ whatsoever. It’s a nice set of tools to help you clean up your PC.

    @Jean-Baptiste – Thanks! Look forward to seeing you at FOWA.

  10. Hi Ryan,

    congrats, this is a great news, some kind of a tiny new start as you let your baby go !

    Hope we’ll have some time to talk about that at FOWA, I’ll send you a mail soon because I’d love to demo you a few things 😉

    Have a nice day,
    Jean-Baptiste from Paris

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