We’ve decided to sell Amigo, one of our web apps. The auction will go live next Tuesday Jan 20th at the following times:

* San Francisco: 10am
* Denver: 11am
* NYC: 1pm
* Sao Paulo: 4pm
* London: 6pm
* Tel Aviv: 8pm
* Mumbai: 11pm
* Hong Kong: 2am Wednesday
* Sydney: 5am Wednesday
* Tokyo: 3am Wednesday

What is it?

Amigo is a service that matches advertisers with email newsletters, and vice versa.

Here’s how it works:

For Advertisers:

* Sign up for an account at HeyAmigo.net
* Enter advertisement title (Example: “Save 50% on mountain bikes”)
* Enter advertisement text (Example: “Love mountain bikes? Save 50% on all models now! Sale lasts till Jan 30.”)
* Enter the URL of their website (Example: http://mountain-bikes.com)
* Enter the price they’d like to pay for each click (Example: $0.10)
* Enter the total budget for the ad campaign (Example: $500)
* Picks categories of newsletters they’d like to advertise in (Example: Ages 18-35, Outdoor, Mountain biking)

For Email newsletter owners:

* Sign up for an account at HeyAmigo.net
* Enter a Newsletter title (Example: “Mountain Bike Enthusiasts”)
* Enter a URL where people signup to newsletter (Example: http://mountain-bike-enthusiasts.com)
* Enter categories for the readers of the newsletter (Example: Mountain biking, Outdoor)
* Amigo then displays ads that are available to the newsletter owner
* Pick an advertisement
* Copy the adverisement into their newsletter
* Send newsletter
* Get paid everytime the ad is clicked

How will the buyer make money?

The buyer of Amigo will be paid 30% of every click on advertisements. This is all paid through PayPal.

What are you purchasing?

* All intellectual property
* All code (PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS)
* UK trademark
* heyamigo.net URL
* Hand-over document explaining how the service works and how to administrate it
* The hosting account ($350 per month with BitPusher.com)
* Three days of hand-over time (you’ll need to travel to Bath, England or we can do this over the phone)


* We launched HeyAmigo.net on Nov 5, 2006
* We blogged the entire building of the app at barenakedapp.com/category/amigo

Current revenue

None, as the site has been closed since Oct 2007.

Visitors and Pageviews (Jan 1 2008 – Jan 1 2009)

* 16,370 Visits
* 33,274 Pageviews

Why are we selling?

We are a small team and we don’t have the man-power to have someone work full time as the product manager. Initially, we hoped we could run the app and maintain our current workload but we just got too busy and Amigo fell by the wayside. We still think it’s an amazing idea that, in the right hands, will make someone a lot of money. The idea of pay-per-click advertising in email still hasn’t been done yet and Amigo is a great start in that direction.

You might be wondering: “Why are you building Truvay, if you don’t have time to run Amigo?”. The reason is that Amigo didn’t fit directly into our strategy as a company, so it isn’t worth taking resources off current tasks to manage it. Truvay is very different as it fits perfectly with our events and our community (you guys!). Keir and I will be dedicating one day a week to Truvay once it launches.


Please contact me directly:

Email: ryan@carsonified.com

Phone (from US): 011 44 7515 381 860
Phone (from UK): 07515 381 860
Phone (from Mainland Europe): 00 44 7515 381 860

AIM: ryanleecarson
Skype: ryancarson

You must pre-register to bid – it’s easy!

As this is a high value auction (starting bid of $25,000) we kindly ask you to pre-register before you bid. Please email me with the following:

* Your full name
* Your company name
* Your address
* Your phone number
* Your passport number