LearnMy article on TechCrunch is live


writes on March 23, 2007

Mike just posted my article Web Apps 101: Your Three Point Success Plan.

Feel free to have a read and comment. There’s some big lovers and haters in the comments – it’s all pretty crazy 🙂


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0 Responses to “My article on TechCrunch is live”

  1. Hi,

    Agree that a lot of the techcrunch comments were overly harsh/negative, but would be very interested to hear your take on the links to twitter pages in the google cache which appeared to show that development of Matt started sometime before the specified 4 day period.


  2. Hi Ryan,

    One of the issues that I think start-ups need to think about very carefully is how long it will take before revenues start to flow.

    Having just launched Flirtnik, a new online dating site for creatively-minded folk in the UK, our biggest challenge is building the membership to a point where we can actually charge people to use the site.

    Given that we can’t control the speed at which the membership grows, a business like ours is somewhat in the lap of the gods in the early days.

    My advice to someone who’s starting a new business would be to focus on a product that they can monetise from the moment the first user walks in the door.

    Tim Benjamin

  3. I enjoyed the article. (and your blog) Thanks for the tips and insights.
    It’s timely advice as i am also trying to build a webapp with 2 other partners.

  4. Good stuff Ryan! Thanks for always sharing your experiences – good and bad.

  5. Great article Ryan, very interesting and its exactly that sort of content that keeps me coming back to your blog everyday as part of my regular reads.

    I think the types of comments you are getting ruin any chance for real discussion. Its a problem inherent with a single thread comment section, it degenerates into a who can shout the loudest competition which leaves little room for anybody else to ask questions or discuss.

  6. Ryan, it was a good article with some good take home points. I think people get too carried away by the nitty gritty little details and lose sight of the bigger picture.

    Nothing wrong with that, I do it myself. So it’s cool when someone such as yourself leads us back to the right page.

    I think some people just need to squeegy their third eye and see things for what they are.

  7. Thanks again folks. Don’t worry though – I’ve got thick skin and I can handle the negative comments.

    I think it all goes back to what I expressed in the article Builders and Doers Versus Whiners and Trolls

  8. I find it funny that all the people who attack Ryan stay anonymous. I would give more weight and respect to those people who disagree, but at least didn’t hide behind an anonymous post.

    I found the article pretty good. And those saying Ryan isn’t successful are retarded. The FOWA was the first conference I ever decided to go and there were tons of people there. Moreover, people in the industry KNOW who he is. That’s big.

  9. Wow. I’m surprised people attack so openly, often without checking their facts. I think the progress of the human race went back 20 years or so there!

    Look forward to the next articles. Speak soon.

  10. Hey Ryan,

    I mentioned to you at FOWA – I love the way you handle abuse and criticism – if you look at some of the comments Mike gets you can relax a bit 😉

    I think I would have lost my temper a while ago at some of the non-constructive, childish comments. At least some of the non-pro arguements offer useful feedback instead of personal abuse!

    Looking forward to more good articles (a revival of TechCrunch UK perhaps 😉


  11. Jeremy W. on March 23, 2007 at 4:32 pm said:


    You shouldn’t give so much details about your failures or salaries IMHO. This kind of information will be a good way of attack for haters…

    Addition to this, whether you are doing correct or wrong, you are doing whatever you believe and like. So, there is no problem. There maybe haters, just ignore them. Move on your way! Someone will follow you.

  12. Very Ouch! like being kicked in the balls! Not nice 🙂

    It reminds me of ‘points of view’, people right snotty letters in to complain about TV shows they don’t like or find offensive. If you don’t like it don’t watch it! I think the same goes here.

    Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading your articles.

  13. I thought the article was well-done and needed, albeit maybe not for the audience that TC draws. I think they all have something to learn from it though 😛

    Keep it up, Ryan!

  14. Ouch indeed. Great article. Looking forward to more.

  15. Ouch! Look on the bright side…all press is good press mate. Clichéd I know, but life would be boring if we all shared the same opinions and views.

    Keep the articles coming!

  16. Y IKES! You’d think you stepped on their puppy! One of the things I find with the online media and free speech thing is, you *must* have thick skin!

  17. I thought it was a great article – any advice, ideas and tips like that are great. Thanks for taking the time!
    Even if someone has heard those things before, it is a great refresher.


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