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Carsonified is hiring a Designer – $80K, 4-day week, work from anywhere

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We’re looking for a designer to join Carsonified and work on Treehouse. You’ll need to have …

  1. Visual talent and advanced skill in Photoshop
  2. A passion for front-end dev skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, LESS, SCSS, etc)
  3. Web app and UX experience
  4. Believe strongly in our Values

You can work from anywhere and the pay is $80,000 and you only have to work 4-days a week. We’re aiming for you to start in November, or January.

Here’s how to apply …

Design and code a 1-page ‘dashboard’ app for your life. Pretend it’s an app that you view/edit these stats:

  1. Heart rate
  2. Drinks consumed
  3. Food eaten
  4. Hours slept
  5. Highfives received

Please create a logo and name for the app. Note: The app doesn’t need to be functional. Just flat HTML.

Deadline is October 19th at midnight.

Please email a link to the page (or zip it all up) to

[Thanks to pagedooley for the beautiful photo.]

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