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writes on November 3, 2008

[UPDATE]: We’re booked solid till April 1st, 2009. We’ve got a bunch of really exciting projects lined up!

We’ve decided to do a bit of web design, development and consultancy for outside clients in 2009. As the economy is tightening up, we thought it was wise to diversify our revenue streams a bit, just in case.

We constantly get folks asking if we can build sites or apps for them, so I’m really excited to see what will happen. We’re only going to accept a few interesting jobs, so please get in touch right away if you’d like to work together (ryan at carsonified dot com).

Creativity with Integrity

Here are the things we can help you out with:

1. Web app/site design and development
2. Web app/site consultancy
3. Small business and start-up consultancy
4. Online marketing consultancy

We’re looking forward to cranking out some beautiful and exciting work! Just shoot me an email at ryan at carsonified dot com or give us a call …

From UK: 01225 324 980
From US or Canada: 011 44 1225 324 980
From Europe: 00 44 1225 324 980


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26 Responses to “Carsonified Design, Development & Consultancy”

  1. I think you guys are going to do a great job with client work!

    Whether it will be as enjoyable (for the Carsonified team) remains to be seen, but a lot depends on the kind of clients/marketing directors you work with. My advice: be extremely selective, and find people whose personalities mesh well with your own style. (You seem to have a good handle on that)

    Best of luck!

  2. Melissa on January 9, 2009 at 3:29 pm said:

    I think that this is great. Congrats on being so booked. I think it is funny how people are so skeptical. If I was going to get consulting or development from anyone it would be the Carson team. The designs, apps, and events that Carsonified are responsible for are great and I look forward to seeing some of the stuff you guys will be doing in the future. Best of luck!

  3. @Ryan

    Wow, a company that thinks up income streams BEFORE the doodoo hits the fan? I think Alistair Darling and the entire banking sector has competition.

    Client work is a total PITA but it’s also a great way to get new business knowledge and start new network branches.

    Seriously, good luck with your new projects and hopefully see you at the next UK FOWA.

  4. @ Jonathan Lambert

    Don’t worry mate – we’re just diversifying our revenue stream. Our events are going strong and we’re fine. Just being cautious as the economy is rocky.

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  6. I’m posting, as I had a completely different reaction: Is it THAT bad that carsonified is getting into development? Not enough money in products and events, no investment? It seems like you must really need the cash to walk away from what most services shops work years to achieve – a little product success.

    What’s the deal? Is ad revenue completely dried up? Are events dying? Worries me…

  7. patrickmc on November 19, 2008 at 1:28 am said:

    Client support, meetings, emails, phone calls, invoices, collection agencies, project creep, oh my!

    The ideal setup is one with the least amount mundane activities which are not directly work on “the good stuff”. Just a smattering are mentioned above, and while I don’t presume you’re flying into this decision blindly, it does not make sense to downgrade your current position.

  8. Ryan,

    I got to say I sort of agree with ddias above. I have no doubt that your team will make Carsonified proud and do sterling jobs but client work is a pain in the arse at times. Granted you have the flexibility to pick and choose what seems great but these things sometimes go sour.

    I hope it goes great and I look forward to your results when hitting a brief and have no doubt in my mind it will work.

    Maybe some of us are just upset that the ‘ideal setup’ is getting somewhat tarnished.

  9. Excited to see your designs and web-apps. And it’s a great move and logical move it is.

  10. Interesting move Ryan. I’d always seen you moving more towards acting as an incubator for Web Apps, rather than doing “client work”. Good luck with it nonetheless!

  11. Good luck Ryan! This seems like a smart move and I look forward to seeing what I’m sure will be stellar work on this side of your business.

  12. extra revenue ๐Ÿ™‚ great plan!

  13. In these uncertain times you might as well keep everyone busy by doing work for others, while bringing extra revenue for the company.

    It’s either that or start working on another web application or type of conference.

    jfc iii

  14. Sounds like a great plan, excited to see the outcomes of the future projects.

    Good Luck!!

  15. Personally I think this is not a particularly wise decision. If you’ve got a solid business where you build and sell your own products, sell advertising, subscriptions and tickets to events – then diluting your efforts for other people can only serve to distract your attention from growing all “the good stuff.”

    Serving clients can be painful, frustrating and difficult, especially if you’re used to running a largely consumer facing business. If you’re looking to diversify, then don’t do something which is time and labour intensive – develop another income stream that earns you money while you sleep, or that doesn’t tie up valuable time and resources that could be spent improving your core products and services.

  16. Nice to see you lot doing client work. It’s a shame I can’t afford it ๐Ÿ˜‰
    @Ryan I think he means, you could run off with the ideas or something. Don’t get it though, if I’d trust anyone, then people with a reputation to lose, with blogs etc.

  17. @Mike – Not sure I follow. What’s the conflict of interest?

  18. Hmmm is interesting but slightly baffling. Not to say you guys don’t produce great stuff and have integrity but I’m not sure as a hypothetical customer I would be prepared to hand over a solid idea and pay full wack for a company that inherently have a conflict of interests.

    Just playing devil’s advocate here. All the best

  19. Hey, Looking forward to see what you guys create. I wish i could have made the start up workshop, you should create a kit we could buy with video content and all that jazz.

    The FOWA Miami design is amazing!

    Scott Purdie

  20. Best of luck Ryan!

  21. Thanks for the kind words everyone – really appreciate it.

  22. So you will have to deal with customer requests ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know you have some experience managing customers for your apps, but i think it’s quite different when it comes to developing THEIR projects. They may not be that easy. Anyway, good luck with your future jobs. I’m sure you will rock as usual.

  23. Ryan,
    great news….I’ve always been curious what design style you guys would have if you did do client work ๐Ÿ˜‰

    good luck with it ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Great idea guys. I hope it goes well for you.

  25. Ryan,

    Sure will be interesting to see what people come up with for you guys to develop!

    Interesting times ahead.


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