LearnCarsonifed in the New York Times

Ryan Carson
writes on November 23, 2007

We got a great mention in a recent NY Times article (page 2). Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek suggested that the NY Times talk to us as we’re a company that’s implemented some of his strategies. Cool!

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  1. I had no idea you had actually implemented the 4-day week Ryan – insteresting (and great coverage)! Is it actually working the same as the 5 day week in terms of productivity you reckon?


  2. i think the 4 day week is a great idea, but hard to stick to…. and i did have a chuckle to myself when i read this post, which was posted on a friday (your day off)?!?!

  3. Hey Ryan – I was going to call you today about a new project I’m involved in and then realised (after FOWA) you work a 4 day week so didn’t make the call – modifying my behaviour as well. I’ll add Tim’s book to my Christmas list.

  4. I like your four day week! Out of interest, how do you handle support and other businesses trying to get in contact with you on your – and everyone else in the company – day off?

    That’s the one thing stopping me doing the four-day week: everyone else works five days and expects you to.

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