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Keir Whitaker
writes on May 12, 2008

We got a nice surprise this morning when we found out that the team at Campaign Monitor featured our latest Fuel Conference newsletter in their Email Design Gallery. Thanks guys.

We love what the Freshview crew produce, if you haven’t seen their products Campaign Monitor and MailBuid be sure to check them out.

4 Responses to “Campaign Monitor Email Design Gallery”

  1. One tool that beats this is Omnistar Mailer http://www.omnistarmailer.com

  2. Forget Campaign Monitor, the email is great. And, you even use tables and inline styles for them. Would love to know how the email does against the ESP acid test?

    I’ve been trying to persuade my marketing colleagues to follow this format for ages. Perhaps your mention in the CM gallery might help?

  3. I totally agree Martin, the reporting is excellent. I also noticed that they have now cut their design and spam test price from $10 to $5 which is great.

  4. Yeah I love Campaign Monitor.

    Big bright coloured charts showing exactly who clicks and when (although it is ever so slightly spooky how much they know).

    Text fall back support is awesome too.

    We recommend Campaign Monitor to all our clients.

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