Ever since I started Carson Systems, I’ve noticed something. There are generally two types of people in the world: Builders & Doers and Whiners & Trolls

Builders & Doers

The first group of people are those who see an opportunity and they start taking real steps towards it.

I’ve noticed that the majority of business owners are these type of people. However, Builders & Doers aren’t just business owners. I’ve also met tons of people who work for someone else, but they’re still amazing Builders & Doers.

Here are the common characteristics of a Builder & Doer:

  1. Constantly looking for opportunities
  2. Confident but humble
  3. Hard working
  4. Willing to take risks

Whiners & Trolls

The second group of people are those who talk and complain, but never actually get off their ass to change things.

Here are the common characteristics of Whiners & Trolls:

  1. Focus on problems
  2. Talk a lot, but act very little
  3. Insecure about their abilities
  4. Trolls (makes negative comments) on blogs
  5. Afraid of taking risks

It’s All Down to You

I believe people can make the transition from being Whiners & Trolls to Builders & Doers. In my experience, this is one of the biggest factors that affects your happiness in life.

The trick to killing the inner Whiner & Troll is simple: take responsibility for your own attitude and circumstances.

If you think your job is shit, find a new one. If you are tired of the bugs in someone’s software, build a better system. If you’re tired of commuting long distances to work, start looking for a new house. Lastly, if you can’t change your circumstances, then try to change your attitude toward them.

The point is that you can either whine about things, or you can take steps to start changing them. If you’re not happy with your situation, you’re the only one that can change it. As an ex-Whiner & Troll, I can tell you that life is so much more exciting, fun and worth living as a Builder & Doer.

Reality Check

Before the Trolls start complaining, let me clarify something; I understand that not everyone is able to change their immediate circumstances. If you’ve got a job you hate, but your wife and kids are depending on you to put food on the table, then it’s not an option for you to quit. What then?

You can always start taking real steps toward solving the problem. In this particular example, you could start looking for other jobs or go to night classes to receive new training and aim for a promotion. You can always do something to change your circumstances, even if it’s only a little at a time.

Builders & Doers Change the World

Think about the people who have really made an impact on humanity: Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Junior, Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela and many more.

Think about the people who have changed the way we do business: Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Steve Jobs, John Adams and many others.

Think about the people who have changed the way we think: Mother Teresa, Jane Goodall, Charles Darwin, Jesus Christ, Confucius, Sir Isaac Newton and many more.

The only thing that separates these people from their peers is the fact that they acted, instead of talked. Sure, some were lucky or had certain factors on their side, but they still had to take that first step and act on their beliefs and ideas.

Learn to Starve Your Inner Troll

Actually, I don’t believe that anyone is 100% Builder & Doer or Whiner & Troll. I think we all have the capability to be either. There are probably a hundred daily opportunities to choose to be a Builder & Doer instead of a Whiner & Troll.

So whenever you’re tempted to let that troll out of its cave, do your best to chain it back up and over time, you just might starve it completely.