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Ryan Carson
writes on February 25, 2013

If you’re a Treehouse member we thought it would be fun to show you the some of the people that work Behind the Scenes to make Treehouse awesome: The Treehouse Video Team.

Let’s meet them!

Michael Poley | Video Department Leader

Michael is a filmmaker from Dayton, Ohio. He started a career in Video Production after working at Houghton Milfflin Harcourt, producing sketch comedy with the not famous sketch group Night of the Nightwolf. Then he did a lot of other things before getting involved with Envy Labs on Rails for Zombies, the project which lead him to working for Treehouse.

Michael frequently wears a superfluous eye patch as The Ambassador. Michael wrote and directed the Treehouse Reward Video, The Arrival, with Nick Pettit.


Fred Zara | Video Team Leader

Fred Zara is a producer, director and editor that has had his work showcased in film festivals throughout the Sunshine State and across the U.S. His 2009 documentary Average Community won awards at film festivals in Orlando, Philadelphia and New York City.

Fred’s most recent collaboration 7 Lives of Chance with filmmaker Banks Helfrich, is a feature film that will have its world premiere in March 2013 at the Cinequest Film Festival. Fred handles Production Management for Treehouse, directing, scheduling and coordinating all of Treehouse’s productions. He also wrote and directed the Treehouse Reward Video, Show’s Over.


Chris Zabriskie | Video Team Leader

Chris Zabriskie is a composer and filmmaker originally from the Pacific Northwest. He got started with film professionally in 2005, producing a series of award-winning music videos for singer/songwriter John Vanderslice. Chris’ video work has been featured on MTV, G4TV, Pitchfork, Giant Bomb, Stereogum, Buzzfeed,, and The Atlantic, as well as in Entertainment Weekly and New York Magazine. He’s also behind that supercut of everyone on Lost saying “What?” over and over again. As a composer, Chris has scored numerous feature films, television shows, commercials, and video games from around the world. He regularly records and releases albums for free via Creative Commons licensing, and is responsible for much of the music you hear in Treehouse videos.

Jon Geilen | Video Pro

As a child of the 80’s when VHS cameras first became available for around $2K, Jon Geilen became responsible for capturing the reality of his family’s life. Since then he has been hooked, filming countless events like family gatherings, school plays, church performances, theater shows, dances, concerts and the like. In 2000, he started pursuing paid gigs on a part time basis with 2 used professional miniDV cameras. Now with over 13 years of industry experience, Jon’s technical knowledge of production and production equipment led him to building the HaloRig Camera Stabilizer. Jon is a technically gifted photographer and one of the first hires for Treehouse Video Team; he shoots many of Treehouse’s projects including the Treehouse Show and Treehouse Workshops.

Justyn Clinton Rowe | Video Pro

While a student, Justyn produced a short film called the Paper Sculptor which won over 10 national and international festivals before winning both a student Oscar and a Student Emmy. For 15 years, Justyn has worked on both local and national media projects in all areas of the industry, from commercials, network television, national sports, Hollywood  features and independent productions. In 1997, Justyn produced his first feature called White Bread and shortly thereafter worked on the Jackass Motion picture, which was his first Hollywood screen credit.

Jusytn’s main areas of focus are on long-form narrative and documentary cuts-only style productions.  On these shoots he may wear many hats from being a Director of Photography, Steadicam operator, sound recordist and to a supervising producer. You can see great examples of Justyn’s work in many of Treehouse’s Video Productions as well as

Anthony Torres | Video Pro

Anthony Torres’s work as a writer/director has been recognized by two Florida Individual Artist Fellowships, two United Arts Grants, a grant from Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Artist, and multiple festival screenings. He’s recently built a filmmaking site off Treehouse learning:

Brittney Blews | Video Pro

Brittney is a Video Professional at Treehouse. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Film. Her interest in post-production led her to New York City where she got first hand experience working with editors on theatrical trailers at a marketing agency. Her previous work also includes production assistance for networks like MTV and NBC. At Treehouse, Brittney has helped produce such projects as Meet Mike the Frog and the recently released Treehouse Reward Video: Creative Control. She shoots and edits many of the educational videos across the site. She is also the editor behind the Treehouse Reward video trailers.

Ariel Zengotita | Video Pro

Ariel Zengotita’s friends call him “Leggy the Neck Man.” You may be familiar with his band, Slow-Mo Sexual, and their hit single, Kanuma Shwi. Ariel is also the writer/director of the Treehouse Reward Video, Dream Computer and has produced all of the stop-motion content seen on Treehouse. Outside of Treehouse, Ariel has produced a number of shorts and dabbles in music production.


Tommy Wingo | Audio Pro

Tommy Wingo grew up in Southeast Louisiana and has been working in sound since he started making short films with his high school friends. Since then, Tommy has worked as a freelance sound mixer on a variety of projects. He has performed foley, recorded voice actors for shows like Phineas and Ferb, recorded sound on location for tv and film, and mixed to video for a variety of projects. He just became a dad and is currently losing his mind in the best way possible.

Jarrett Gelormini | Audio Pro

Jarrett got started in the Audio industry in 2007 while attending Full Sail University where he earned his Associate in Recording Arts a Bachelor in Music Business and a Master in Entertainment Business. During school, he interned at Full Sails Dubbing Stage where he worked on many student short films doing Dialog editing, Sound Design, ADR, Foley, and Mixing.

Paige Coley | Audio Pro

Paige began working with audio as early as age 15 and enrolled in Valencia College’s Sound Technology program immediately after high school. There, she was soon recognized for her talent and recruited by her professors into the Sound Technology’s work-study program, and then hired as a Lab Assistant to assist in setting up studios, and to help students troubleshoot during their sessions.

Paige joined the Treehouse team in July of 2012 as an Audio Pro, which entails audio recording, editing, sound design, and mixing — making the audio as professional and transparent as possible, in line with Treehouse production-quality standards.

If not at Treehouse, Paige is often busy with freelance audio projects or working on her music project, Kinder Than Wolves, which is being kept low-key until the project’s first EP release this summer.

Jake Kemper | Motion Pro

Jake Kemper specializes in Motion graphics and animation. He works in 2d and 3d applications such as Maya and After Effects at Treehouse. Before becoming a part of the team, he worked as a Senior Motion Designer for FOX Television and oversaw the on-air graphics for 3 TV stations and freelanced for national and international clients.

He started his career in the Film industry working on lighting and camera crews before graduating from Full Sail University with a degree in Science. He lives in Orlando with his wife and 4 cats.

Jean Louis-Jabouillon | Motion Pro
Jean-Louis Jabouin is a graphic designer from the sunny state of Florida. While he specializes in motion graphics programs like Adobe After Effects, Jean also has 3D and digital photography experience. He received his BFA and MBA from Full Sail University’s Digital Arts and Entertainment Business programs and eventually landed an internship at Fox TV, as well as countless freelance gigs along the way, including conventions like AFO. In addition to creating awesome graphics for Treehouse, he is a massive fan of Japanese animation and is a consistent contributor to the Orlando anime community.

Tim Ritter | Intern

Tim Ritter started his filmmaking career while in the midst of his award-winning decade in newspapers. Since taking up the camera, he has directed or produced four festival award-winning short films, and is deep into post production of his first feature film. He also served as the Submissions Coordinator and then Programming Director for the Fort Myers Film Festival as part of its founding board. He is now studying as a fellow in the UCF Entrepreneurial Digital Cinema MFA program, and is excited to be a part of the Treehouse team.


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