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writes on April 26, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, the Carsonified events team – that’s myself, Natasha and Cat attended our first ever non-Carsonified workshop and it really was an eye opener.

The Copywriting Essentials Workshop was run by the super talented Fiona Humberston, Founder and Managing Director of Flourish Studios, a small but perfectly formed Graphic Design and Marketing agency based in Guildford, Surrey.

As this was our first workshop outside of the Carsonified events spectrum, we were curious to see how another company would run their own workshops. But of course that wasn’t the reason we attended! As we are a small events team, our job as Event Producers ranges from researching content, scheduling the conferences and liaising with speakers to booking flights, hotels and ever increasingly – marketing our events and writing copy on the site.

Given that none of us have been specifically trained as copywriters we all admit that it can be difficult to consistently write newsletters, blog posts and content on the event sites without sounding like a broken record. After all – we want to deliver new and exciting information to our subscribers, as well as make it sound fun and interesting to read. That’s why you signed up, right?!

So it was particularly interesting to find out having reviewed some of our work, that we had quite a bit to learn in one day! Given that we had 7 hours (which didn’t seem a lot) we were ready and raring to go. The day was split up into theory and practical writing, handy tips on writing engaging subject headlines and most importantly ‘know who your audience is’!

It was a varied, small group of people (8 in total) and everyone was very friendly which for me, really helped me feel relaxed enough to engage in the group discussions. I’m sure I’m not the only one who hated putting their hand up in the classroom of 30+ people at school!

We’ve actually had quite a few Copywriting workshops and speaker sessions at our events from the likes of the fab Relly Annett-Baker. In fact, there will be a scheduled copywriting session on the 2nd track at this years Future of Web Design, London. And whilst it’s hard to find the time during a hectic event, I am most definitely going to try and take advantage of this and sit in on the session.

In conclusion, the workshop was a real eye opener. Personally it really helped me take a step back, look outside the box and reevaluate my writing style for our marketing materials, as well as on our event sites. I came away feeling totally inspired, ready to write and wanting to learn more! All we have to do now is put it into practice and wow you with our ninja style skills.

If you’d like to know more about our events please check out our event sites and get in touch if you have any questions.

Future of Web Apps (Run by me)
Future of Web Design (Cat)
Future of Mobile (Natasha)

Thanks to Fiona Humberston for the photos.

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  2. The future of mobile link needs dashes in it – i.e. future-of-mobile.com not futureofmobile.com

  3. I don’t get the point of this article.
    You enjoyed a copywriting session. That’s great. However I thought I would learn some copywriting basics reading this but I guessed wrong.

  4. You might want to change Fiona Humbertson’s attribution to “photos” as the page concerns copywrtiting. Sounds like a great session, though!

  5. Thank you for such a lovely write up Lou. It was a pleasure to have all 3 of your Carsonified girls on the workshop. And you all inspired me so much that I shall be booking places for our web designers on your FOWD event in May.

    • You’re welcome Fiona. We really did have a great time and came away totally rejuvenated, so thank you.
      We look forward to seeing your guys at FOWD. Make sure they come and say hi to the team 🙂

    • You’re welcome Fiona. We really did have a great time and came away totally rejuvenated, so thank you.
      We look forward to seeing your guys at FOWD. Make sure they come and say hi to the team 🙂

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