LearnAround the Web: FX4 Launch, Method & Craft, Forrst Reports & Hemeon

writes on March 22, 2011

Hey there!

It’s been about a month since I last posted & I apologize for the hiatus! To explain, I began a wonderful new role at Mozilla Firefox, as team lead on the creative team under the awesome art direction of John Slater (freaking talented awesome boss). Just as I was getting my bearings though, I went to SXSWi to present on a topic dear to my heart, open source design. It’s been a crazy few weeks, but I’m back in full force!

It’s Monday, so this roundup is devoted to all things and people in design, UX, UI, & editorial!

  • Brilliant! Method & Craft recently launched & here is just one of their most recent treats, Unique Vector Shapes In Illustrator by TX-based designer Gerren Lamson
  • Friend & Forrst founder, Kyle Bragger, shares The State of Forrst & you might want to sign up for Around.io (#justsayin!)
  • After a round of bbq, I ran into @hemeon, designer founder of @fflick & one of my *many* high school crushes (awkward, definitely). He’s turned out to be a good egg (in spite of his high school football days) and this is a great interview from a founding designer that covers his passion, but also a bunch of struggles that took him away from the web & back again towards success on it or maybe in spite of it.
  • As if I couldn’t be more addicted to him in real life, Yaron Schoen @yarcom, writes on the Virtual Designer
  • And, then there is “Read & Trust,” easy to get addicted to, but bereft of creatives of the female type (‘ehem, cough. ehem)

Wildcard: Ian Adleman, design director of nymag.com, moves on to become design director @ the New York Times, I urge you to follow him. You can be certain that there is greatness ahead from apps to the web experience (did you see nymag’s Fashion Week?! coverage). Ian is nothing if not a splash of color (yellow & blue) & a dash of brilliance. @khoi may have moved on from the post himself, but he’s also up to interesting things these days.

Please shoot me links to projects your working on or awesome things you’ve released! news@teamtreehouse.com/blog

Handpicked by Chrissie (@tenaciouscb)

2 Responses to “Around the Web: FX4 Launch, Method & Craft, Forrst Reports & Hemeon”

  1. What is it like working for Mozilla? Can you tell them their browser has a habit of crashing around once a day 😉

  2. Hullo Chrissie – thanks for the Read & Trust shout out (I’m one of the chaps involved). We’re looking to recitfy the gentleman’s swing (yikes!) in the near future.

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