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Are you a Motion Graphics Designer & Editor?

We’re looking for an awesome person to add to the Carsonified Team. If you’re a talented motion graphics designer and editor, please keep reading …

Motion Graphics Designer & Editor

Your responsibilities will include …

  1. Producing Motion Graphic assets for Think Vitamin Membership (stings, lower-thirds, browser icons, etc.)
  2. Editing video footage on a Mac using Final Cut (editing experience with Adobe Premiere is a plus)
  3. Creatively producing motion graphic assets as assigned by teaching staff and production team to visually illustrate web design and programming concepts.

If you can produce amazing motion graphics for video, are able to quickly edit footage, have a positive attitude, and a creative outlook, we want to consider you!

The ideal person will be:

Experience with creating Motion Graphics using a 3D program (Lightwave, Cinema4d, Maya, etc.) a HUGE PLUS

Here is the kind of video you’ll be creating …

Our Career Pipeline

We have a unique system to put you in control of your career (which we learned from Zappos).

You can level up your career every three months, starting after six months, by hitting and maintaining agreed goals or tasks.

In order to be eligible to level up, you need to be completing the items listed in your Job Role doc, without being micro-managed and with a cheerful attitude.

Every time you reach a new level, you can choose from these benefits:

A taste of the Orlando office

In this video about Brickify, you’ll get a good flavor for the office, Team and creativity. This was a random project we banged out in two days and it was a blast 🙂

Our Benefits

We believe work, fun and good benefits go together. Carsonified Team Members enjoy these things …

  1. Full pay for a 4-Day Week
  2. iPhone 4 + monthly contract
  3. Pension contribution matching
  4. Mac + Cinema Display
  5. Aeron Chair
  6. Occasional travel to Carsonified events (FOWA and FOWD)
  7. Free lunch every day
  8. Free parking
  9. No micro-management
  10. Full healthcare

How to apply

If you’re interested, please submit a demo reel of their motion graphics work, relevant work samples, and anything else that will make you stand out, to

Creativity is very important to us. Please don’t include a resume.

We don’t care about your education or how many jobs you’ve worked. We’re looking for talent, friendliness, passion and pro-activity.

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