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writes on January 16, 2008

Without meaning to be too much of an Apple groupie – following the Macworld Keynote, it’s only right that the new MacBook Air gets a mention. It’s quite possibly the most beautiful machine ever and practical for those business trips… OK, time to stop drooling!

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  1. I’m a *nix software dev and I reckon the Air is super awesome (other devs I know don’t agree). I plan to get an external screen / keyboard for my desk at work and carry an Air back and forth. Despite it being more expensive than the Macbooks and underpowered by comparison I think they freaking awesome!!! It’s a taste of things to come with their notebook design 🙂

  2. I was just saying the very same thing to one of my coworkers. Not very practical for a designer like my self, but very practical for business. I am looking forward to Apple implementing the new track pad on all there new laptops!

  3. I completely disagree!

    I think the spitfire is the most beautiful machine ever made and also very useful for business trips (providing you can fly it!)


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