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A Brand New Treehouse

Last night, in the early hours of the morning, we launched a brand new version of Treehouse. Over the past months our team has been rethinking how we structure the Treehouse library and how we can best help students succeed by making everything in our library easy to find and discover, and especially how to guide students through learning when they’re not sure what to work on next.

Here’s a quick video introducing the new update!

Here are a few things that we’re especially proud of:

Tags and Filtering

We’ve tagged everything by its type of content and made it really easy to filter the entire library by choosing the tag you’d like to focus on. Want to brush up on your HTML skills? Filter the library to just HTML and dig on in. Ready to learn JavaScript and jQuery? There’s a filter for that too!


Learning adventures are now called Tracks at Treehouse! We think it’s really important, especially for people who are just beginning to learn technology, that they have a helping hand to guide them through the maze of technologies and techniques that are available to learn. That’s where Tracks come in. Whether you want to Become a Web Designer, Learn Ruby on Rails, Learn to Build Android Apps, or so many other skills, there’s a Track to take you from the beginning through what you need to know.

Monitor Your Progress

We’ve added progress bars throughout the app to help you know what you’ve finished and what you have yet to learn. Your dashboard has also been renamed to Home and updated to include more information about what points you’ve earned and what your next learning steps are.

We hope you love it!

We love serving our students, and we felt that this new design was the best way for us to do just that. In the coming months we’ll be building quite a few new features and improvements on the foundation of this new design.

If there’s anything you love or hate, we’d love to hear about it here in the comments below or on the Treehouse Forum. Or, feel free to contact our support team with any questions you have.

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